Wild Romance Sex Crop
Wild Romance Sex Crop
Wild Romance Sex Crop
Wild Romance Sex Crop
Wild Romance Sex Crop

You are just like Lady Gaga. You want all your partner's flaws and the shenanigans that come in between. You know in your heart, and you have already expected that what you have will be a bad romance.

But why settle for something bad when there's still room left to add more spice to it? Go for something savage for sex! Use something like this Wild Romance Sex Crop.

It's sleek and snappy. Once your hand touches it, you will know that it's worth the investment of time and, of course, your money. It has this rustic smell and texture that makes it sexy. Plus, the resounding slap sound it creates will send shivers down your spine. This ultimate sensory play tool is designed to inflict pain and feed a master's sensory needs.
The product also boasts intricately made cord embellishment wrapped around the handle for better grip. It's lightweight, so you don't have to worry about straining your arm as you slap your partner's ass. Tip to tip, its length is 25.98 inches, allowing you to target your partner from a distance. It’s hypoallergenic, too. It's unlikely to cause rashes on the submissive's skin.

A BDSM crop is a more beginner-friendly choice compared to whips and floggers. That's because its impact can be controlled to provide different pain levels. This tool proves that impact play doesn't have to be hardcore all the time. Once your partner gets used to the experience, you can easily adjust the strike level.

As for its maintenance, you don't have to worry! Just wipe its surface with a slightly damp cloth, and that's it! Don't go overboard and soak it in water, though. It's impermissible given their compatibility issues. Doing so will cause deterioration on the crop's surface.

Turn your bad romance into a wild one instead. Click the "Buy" button now!

Color/Type Black and Brown
Material Faux Leather
Dimension Length:
Total Length: 25.98 inches (66 cm)
Handle: 6.89 inches (17.5 cm)
Slapper: 3.34 inches (8.5 cm)
Slapper: 0.78 inch (2 cm)

Wild Romance Sex Crop

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