A Beginner’s Definitive Guide to Sex Swings

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“Want to defy gravity? Try a new sexual position that you thought was impossible? Try a sex swing, where both of these and many other activities are entirely possible!”

Almost everyone has seen them and more people have tried them than you might expect. They’re the unusual addition that is fast becoming the hot new thing to have. What are they? Sex swings!

Sex swings, also called slings, come in many varieties and sizes but they all have a few things in common.

Sex swings are naturally designed to hold the weight of two people and they are often made similarly to hammocks and suspended in the air so that you can swing and have sex at the same time.

Most of them are made to enjoy one of two positions, the first with one of the partners is in a supine (face up) position and the other with both partners in sitting or semi-sitting positions.

They are well made and sturdy and they have a variety of options to suspend them in the air.

Since they come in such a wide selection of sizes, designs, and materials, it is easy to shop around until you find the one that is right for you.

In other words, when you’re shopping for sex swings, you’ll always find something that is perfect for your needs because the variety that is available truly offers something for everyone!

What Are Sex Swings?

Sex swings are for people who want to have sex in a brand-new way and they usually consist of some type of support for the back, stirrups for each leg, and support for the buttocks area.

They are usually designed so that one person sits in the main swing area and the other partner can move around them to find the ideal position.

Although commonly associated with BDSM activities, the sex swing is gaining popularity among others who are simply tired of traditional sex and want a little more excitement in the bedroom.

In addition to making sex a lot more fun, sex swings also make it a little easier and more effortless, which can intensify the entire experience.

If you are interested in unique and challenging sex positions, the right sex swing can help accomplish just that, which means that vaginal, anal, and even oral sex can be a lot more interesting and accommodating!

Sex swings allow you to get into positions that you likely can’t get into when you’re in a bed and the experience always adds a little oomph to your next sexual escapade.

They do require a little setting up though, and will need to mounted one way or another. Some are made to be mounted to a door while others can be attached to the ceiling or a floor stand.

You can even find some that are made to be suspended from one of the partner’s bodies.

For obvious reasons, sex swings are made out of very sturdy materials that include neoprene, heavy rubber, wood, heavy canvas, leather, nylon webbing, and even steel.

Of course, they are also made for comfort and fun so they are sometimes made in unique designs and even a variety of colors.

Another one of the lesser-known but very important advantages of using a sex swing is that even people with certain disabilities and physical impairments can have sex more easily when using a swing.

If your partner is in a wheelchair or has problems with weak muscles or even arthritis, among other conditions, sex swings can help! Sex swings work wonders for these people, giving them the sex life they deserve.

Truly a device that anyone can use and enjoy!

How to Use Sex Swings

“Whatever you do, you can easily accommodate any type of sex you’re interested in with the right sex swing!”

There are so many ways to use a sex swing that there isn’t really a one size fits all guide we can give you.

There are, however, a few things that you can try before you start experimenting that most couples find useful.

Once you’re feeling a bit more comfortable you can start to try out nearly anything that comes to mind!

The first thing you’ll probably want to do is double check your fixings. It doesn’t matter how you’ve attached your swing, having it fall down is a sure way to put you off using it again! A simple checklist to follow is:

  • Make sure the main fitting is secure (ceiling hooks, door hooks, or the base of the floor stand)
  • Check your connection between the fitting and the sex swing. This is often some kind of D-ring, but individual swings may differ.
  • Check all straps are secure and untangled.
  • Make sure the door can be locked if you use a door fitting (or don’t want to be disturbed!)
  • Push on the seat lightly to make sure everything is safe. Don’t use all of your weight, but enough to make you confident nothing is going to fall apart.

When everything looks good and secure, you’re ready to go!

If you’re a beginner, you’ll likely want to start with some basics such as sitting down on the seat and placing your feet in the stirrups.

As far as your hands go, you can place them anywhere you like, such as on the long straps that run vertical to the floor, on your partner, or anywhere else that makes you feel comfortable.

Remember, creativity is one of the main benefits of using a sex swing so go ahead and explore until you feel comfortable.

Another advantage of using a sex swing is that you have a lot of choices when it comes to your position.

You can sit, stand, squat, or straddle while on the swing. You can also place nearly any part of your body in the seat and not just your buttocks; you can lie facing down with your stomach on the seat, lie facing up with your back on the seat, or even start to experiment with a few positions of your own.

You can even stand up on the seat and face towards or away from your partner.

Whatever you do, you can easily accommodate any type of sex you’re interested in with the right sex swing!

Whether you’re interested in anal sex, sex with two partners, or any type of oral sex, a sex swing will always make it much more fun and interesting.

It doesn’t matter if you prefer to be the recipient or you’re more of a giver, the sex swing can be adjusted so that you get the absolute most out of it.

They are even made with adjustable straps so that people of all sizes and heights can enjoy them.

Sex swings are comfortable yet flexible so even if you come up with a brand-new position that you’ve never tried before, these products can make it a lot easier and more fun to enjoy your time in the bedroom.

Furthermore, since most sex swings start out at around $50, it will never break your wallet to get the one you know that you’ll enjoy for years to come. Because the swings are very reasonably priced, it is very simple to add one of these devices to your current collection of sex toys.

The Benefits of Sex Swings

Want to defy gravity? Try a new sexual position that you thought was impossible?

Try a sex swing, where both of these and many other activities are entirely possible!

We’ve already mentioned the massive variety of positions that are available to you, but there’s plenty more to get excited about.

One of the largest benefits is that sex swings can reduce both gravity and weight considerations, making it easy to accommodate almost anything you can think of, even group sex!

The reduced strain from gravity means you are also guaranteed to be able remain in that perfect position for much longer than usual as the swing is made to be both comfortable and accommodating in any situation.

Whether you’re sitting, standing, or lying on the seat of the swing, you can rest assured that you will be able to stay there until completely satisfied.

Simply assume the position and get ready for the extraordinary results because sex swings are made to keep you in the pleasure zone until the very end.

Another main benefit of using a sex swing is that it makes your entire sexual experience, including your orgasms, a lot more intense.

The weightless feeling you get while using them don’t mean you can focus much more on your feelings rather than what you’re doing with your body.

You also have the flexibility to find a position to hit that pleasure spot much easier in a sex swing, so you can have the same amazing, enjoyable experience every single time!

Sex swings aren’t just great for full blown sex either! Perfect for any kind of foreplay you can think of, a sex swing makes it a lot more interesting and unique.

Whether you want to tease or please, you can enjoy as much frisky foreplay as you desire with a sex swing. You could stick to standard oral sex, but thanks to the swing one of you could even flip upside down for some sexy 69 action.

Think how good it’ll feel with all that blood rushing to your head!

When we say sex swings can improve sex for everyone, we really mean it!

Most sex swings can accommodate people weighing up to 300 pounds and because most of them are adjustable and flexible, they can handle everyone from the tiniest woman to a very large man.

Even if you’re on the heavier side, don’t worry! There are plenty of sex swings available that can accommodate much larger weights.

They are also designed for the ultimate in comfort regardless of how long your sexual adventure is. Whatever position you choose to have sex in, you can be sure it will be comfortable in the right sex swing.

The seats are usually padded and extra-thick and the straps are made for comfort as well, which means you can use your sex swing for ten minutes or ten hours and still be just as comfortable and at ease.

Regardless of the activity or position you choose in the end, the swing will make it a lot more interesting for everyone involved.

Finally, in addition to the ease of trying new positions and their sense of weightlessness, sex swings are great for doing something you cannot do in bed -- spinning around while you’re having sex!

With a little lube and the right position, you can spin your way to ecstasy very easily with one of these swings.

Furthermore, because many of the swings come with extra attachments that are meant purely for your kinkiest positions, you can easily experiment with fantasies that you’ve never tried before such the use of blindfolds, whips or even bondage gear.

Sex Swing Tips

Whether you’re a beginner or an expert at sex swings, there are things that you can do to enhance the experience even more. Some great tips include:

  • Get creative! After all, you just bought a sex swing and this alone should tell you that you’re ready for a little more creativity and excitement in the bedroom. Don’t be shy, get in there and explore until you discover something wonderful!
  • Do your due diligence before buying a sex swing. There are numerous types of sex swings so it’s important to choose the right swing for you. You shouldn’t need to spend a lot of money to find the right swing for your needs as long as you do your research.
  • Consider how you will attach your sex wing. Sometimes permanent ceiling fittings aren’t an option, so you may need to go for a door fitting or even a sex swing stand. Be sure to check the product thoroughly so you know exactly which parts come with it and which you need to buy separately.
  • Thoroughly read the instructions that come with your swing. Each swing is different, so assembly, weight limits, and even how you can use it may change from swing to swing. Knowing what you should and shouldn’t do can help you stay safe and get the most enjoyment from your purchase.
  • Have fun!

Sex Swing Safety

Safety when using sex swings is mostly a matter of common sense. If the directions recommend a certain place to install the hook for your swing to hang on, you shouldn’t ignore them and install it somewhere else.

The list of safety tips on any brand of sex swing is important to heed because the last thing you want is to fall or otherwise harm yourself while having fun in your swing.

Whether you choose to hang your swing over a door, on a stand, or even from the ceiling, you need to carefully follow the instructions that come with that particular swing.

Certain products such as toggle bolts are never recommended when you’re installing your sex swing so if the manufacturer recommends a certain kind of fixing, you should use those and only those items when putting together and installing your sex swing.

How to Make Sex Swings More Accessible

If you’re a retail store owner who wishes to add sex swings to your collection, there are easy ways to make these products more accessible and therefore more enticing for customers to purchase.

Always have one set up on display in your store because many customers will be too shy to ask about them even if they are interested in purchasing one of the swings.

If they can see what the swing looks like in person, and especially if there are a lot of them near the display swing, they are much more likely to purchase one.

You can also set out pamphlets and even videos near the swings themselves, which is certain to whet the customers’ appetite for more.

In addition, make sure that you highlight the fact that sex swings are:

  • Perfect for all types of sex including vaginal, anal, and oral
  • Easy for people with back problems or other mobility issues
  • Great for both beginners and experts
  • Easier when you wish to try out new sexual positions
  • Excellent for sex that includes bondage and dominance

In fact, for those people who are used to “vanilla” sex and are tired of it, sex swings can take their sex life up a notch and provide them with some opportunities that they had probably never even imagined.

Remember that sex swings are not just for people with experience. Even people who have never used a sex swing can jump right in, so to speak, and enjoy a sexual escapade that compares to none that they’ve enjoyed before.

Sex swings are not only for experienced participants because they can also be enjoyed by people who have never tried anything risqué or intense.

Your experience with these swings can be as standard or as naughty as you want it to be. Once you learn the basic advantages and requirements of the swing you’ve purchased, you are ready for an experience unlike any other.

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