Is a Sex Swing Right for You?

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Thanks to dozens of movies and television shows, nearly everyone knows what a sex swing is!

In case you’re wondering though, these items are not just for the experienced lover.

In fact, if you want to increase the amount of pleasure you’re getting in the bedroom and intensify your escapades there, including increasing the intensity of your orgasms, the right sex swing might be just what you need

These swings are made to fit over a door, hang from the ceiling, or even hang on a separate stand.

Because of the way they are made and their weightlessness, they are perfect for getting into all sorts of sexual positions and even creating a few new ones of your own!

If you find yourself intimidated by sex swings, just relax. These are not devices that are difficult to use or made just for the kinkiest lovers out there.

Indeed, sex swings can be used by anyone who wants to enjoy his or her sex life even more and they are easy to use, easy to find, and easy to afford.

Challenges And Benefits Of Owning A Sex Swing

It only takes a short amount of time to get used to a sex swing because after your first time on your new swing, you should get the hang of it -- no pun intended.

Most of these swings have basic features such as a seat, leg stirrups, and straps that allow you to hold on during your ride to the top.

In fact, once you get used to your sex swing, you can easily and quickly enjoy the many positions that are made possible thanks to the device and you can be extremely creative every single time.

With sex swings, you get both flexibility and the support you need to remain comfortable and you can choose either standard positions or very creative ones, enabling your swing to show you just what it is made of.

In addition to being the perfect product for couples who wish to try new things in the bedroom, sex swings are also great for couples with large height differences because they allow you to get closer and snuggle together as you have sex in ways you never had in the past.

Even if you aren’t flexible, you will feel flexible with one of these swings because even though they are sturdy, they are also flexible enough to conform to your body so that the activity you’re participating in always feels natural and accommodating.

You can also practice all types of sex in these swings, from vaginal to anal and even oral sex, and foreplay takes on a whole new meaning if you’re in a sex swing.

One of the main benefits of using a sex swing is its ability to accommodate people with various ailments and disabilities.

People who are in wheelchairs, those with back or mobility issues, and even those with arthritis will find sex in a swing a very simple task. The swing’s weightlessness and flexibility make any type of sexual position or sex act a whole lot easier and you can perform these acts in a completely comfortable and pain-free manner every time.

This alone gives everyone, including those who may be a bit shy about trying something new in the bedroom, the incentive to try one of these swings.

Who Are Sex Swings Made For?

Contrary to what many people believe, sex swings are not just for porn stars or extra-adventurous people.

Since they serve many purposes and allow you to experience all levels of adventure, you can use one just for the basics if you wish to and then continue to use it in the future once you feel a little less inhibited.

You can start slow and enjoy standard positions if you wish but once you get to the point where you want more from the swing, it will never let you down.

Even beginners get a lot of enjoyment out of a sex swing and you don’t have to spin around and do crazy things for it to enhance your experience in the bedroom.

In fact, you can use it however you feel comfortable doing so because it is always guaranteed to make your bedroom escapades a lot more enjoyable.

If you do have certain medical issues, particularly issues related to mobility, sex swings are the perfect sex toy to use in the bedroom.

They are flexible, work without the feeling of a lot of weight on your body, and also allow you to get into positions that you enjoy without feeling awkward or uncomfortable. In fact, if you’ve suffered with a less-than-exciting sex life because of mobility and other medical issues, the sex swing can help you by offering you the opportunity to get back in the game once again.

With a sex swing, you can easily go back to the vivacious sex life you had before you started experiencing those challenges and maybe even create some even more exciting escapades to brag about from then on.

From beginners to more experienced lovers of all genders, ages, and medical conditions, the sex swing can be a perfect addition to your collection of sex toys.

Since they are usually utilized after being placed on top of a door or in a separate stand, they are easy to remove once you’re done with them and easy to place where others cannot see them afterwards.

Fun, accommodating, fully functional, and perfect for every type of lover, the sex swing is definitely an item that you will never regret buying.

Different Swings For Different People

In addition to all of the above advantages, sex swings are also great because there are many different types and designs so the companies that make them truly offer something for everyone.

Whether you’re looking for extra flexibility due to a medical condition or want a sex swing that offers all of the bells and whistles, it is easy to find the right one, especially if you start online.

There, you can easily research the many different types of sex swings, which are often recommended according to their best features as described below.

Door Sex Swings

If you want a sex swing that is super easy to set up and to use, the ones that fit over the door are usually the best ones to choose.

These swings are great for people who don’t want any holes drilled in their homes and who want swings that they can easily set up and take down whenever they want to. They simply fit over the door; then you close and lock the door to continue.

Of course, with these types of sex swings, you cannot spin around in a 360-degree fashion because they remain close to the door the entire time you’re using them. However, this doesn’t mean that you can’t do a lot with these types of swings!

On the contrary, you can get quite creative with an over-the-door sex swing, especially if you use your imagination. In fact, with the exception of spinning around in a 360-degree circle, you can do everything with an over-the-door sex swing that you can do with other types of swings!

These swings are easy to use and easy to hide and they tend to be less expensive as well.

Padded Sex Swings

If you feel that you need a little extra support because of your size or even the shape of your body, you may want to look for sex swings that provide extra padding on the seat, straps, stirrups, and any other part that you feel needs this feature.

Also look for extra-wide straps that are adjustable for even more comfort as well as the ones that have a torque bar design for even better overall support.

If you research sex swings online, the stores usually provide complete descriptions for your convenience, which means that it should be easy to find these features if that’s what you’re looking for.

Choosing these features not only increases your comfort level while you’re using the swing but it increases the odds that you’ll be safe and not have any accidents while you’re enjoying it.

After all, the last thing you want to do is break a bone or break the swing itself while you’re enjoying your newest endeavors. With the right swing, this will never be a problem!

Ceiling And Wall Sex Swings

The best sex swings for people who want a full range of motion, including the ability to spin around in a 360-degree circle while having sex, are the ones that mount to the ceiling.

Once the ceiling device is installed, you can then adjust the swing itself so that it fits you perfectly.

Many of these swings are called fantasy or fetish swings but don’t let the name intimidate you. Swings that offer the capability to spin around in a circle are no different than other types of swings except for this one characteristic.

The only drawbacks to choosing this type of sex swing are that the ceiling device is permanently attached and therefore viewable by anyone who enters the room and the fact that they can be a little more expensive than other types of swings.

However, it should be easy to get past these two challenges because these types of sex swings are definitely worth what you have to pay for them and put up with in the end.

Regardless of the type of sex swing you eventually choose, it is good to know that all of them are very sturdy and well made.

As with all our products, our sex swings are made of quality materials and made to last. As long as you’re using your swing correctly and obeying all of the instructions that come with it, you should never have to worry about it not lasting long or working improperly!

If You’re Still Not Ready, Try A Sex Sling!

If you’ve studied and researched sex swings and still feel a little apprehensive about buying one, don’t worry!

There are also body slings (sometimes called sex slings) that you can use, which are similar to sex swings but are used for only one particular part of the body.

They are less cumbersome than regular sex swings because they are smaller in size and have no permanent attachments to any ceilings or walls.

Some of them wrap around one partner’s shoulders and the other one’s thighs, allowing you to have especially close contact while having sex, particularly if you want face-to-face sex or sex that consists of deeper and more satisfying penetration.

There are many different types of body slings and similarly to regular sex swings, they come with straps that are adjustable so that you can choose the type of sexual position and sex act that you wish to participate in.

Designed to reduce strain and to provide extra support, body slings, which are also called position aids, allow natural leverage to lift your thighs and legs higher for more desirable results in the end.

Slings also allow you to have hands-free sex, enabling those hands to slide over your partner’s body so that the experience is even more extraordinary.

For a low price and with easy instructions for use, body slings can easily spice up your sex life without spending a lot of money and they can be the perfect segue to purchasing a sex swing later on.

Spicing up your sex life is always easier than you might think and sex swings are the perfect way to increase your sexual pleasure and continuously come up with ways to try new things.

Researching these products online is a great option because it allows you to choose the swing you want in a discreet manner; in fact, most of the companies that sell this product will deliver it to you in a plain package with no indication of what is inside, meaning that you’ll never have to be embarrassed when the mail comes.

Because of the variety now available when it comes to sex swings, finding the perfect one is never difficult, which means that you just got one step closer to increasing your excitement in the bedroom and enjoying sex even more than ever!

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