What are Padded Sex Swings?

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If you’ve ever thought about purchasing a sex swing for your nighttime escapades, the good news is that the companies that make these swings truly offer something for everyone!

Previously thought of only as a toy for professional sex workers or couples who want something more risqué than regular sex, nowadays, all types of couples are buying them, and it is easy to understand why.

Sex swings allow you to enjoy positions and even sex acts that you aren’t always able to do comfortably in a regular bed, and they can easily accommodate couples that have different sizes and weights, and even people who have certain mobility issues.

Sex swings give you the freedom you never thought possible, and because they come in all types of designs and with many different features, it is all but guaranteed that you’ll find a perfect swing for you in the end.

What Are Padded Sex Swings?

All sex swings have three main parts. This includes the seat, which is usually either padded or unpadded; the stirrups, which is where your legs go; and the straps, which are usually adjustable to accommodate for the partners’ sizes and heights.

All three of these parts are made for both comfort and safety, but the ones that offer padded seats and other parts tend to be the most comfortable.

Most of the time, these three main parts are made out of heavy-duty nylon, vinyl, or even leather, and the companies that make them often include thick padding, especially in the seat itself.

Since it’s the seat that is usually the most used part when enjoying your sex swing, a good padded seat makes for the most comfort and support.

After all, whether you’re sitting on that seat or straddling it face-up or face-down, you want to enjoy your time on it without discomfort of any type, and a seat with enough padding on it will offer that benefit every time.

The padding in the seat can also come in various thicknesses, and of course, the thickest ones will be the most comfortable ones.

Product descriptions either on the packaging itself or online can give you an idea of the thickness of the swing you’re considering purchasing, because both of these types of descriptions usually go into a lot of detail on the product so that you know exactly what you’re buying every time.

It simply makes sense that a padded seat is going to be a lot more comfortable than one without padding, and if you’re a little on the heavy side or just have reservations about the less padded type of seats, these seats just make you feel better all the way around.

In addition, the padding isn’t only available on the seat of the swing.

On the more extravagant sex swings, you can often find padding on the stirrups, the straps, and even on extra features not found on all swings, such as the wrist and ankle cuffs that are included on many of today’s bondage or BDSM sex swings.

In fact, sex swings can include numerous features that aren’t included on every swing, including extra straps for bondage purposes and even extra accessories such as blindfolds and lube.

When you’re reading the product description of any swing you’re considering buying, it is important to read it thoroughly, because this is the best way to make sure you get straps that come with padding and are, therefore, extra comfortable.

The padding also makes the features a lot more durable, so in addition to comfort, these features are very likely to last much longer as well. Padding is usually made of some type of high-quality foam and comes in various thicknesses, so even if you want a sex swing that is very thick indeed, it is usually quite simple to find it.

Benefits Of Padded Sex Swings

The main benefit of padded sex swings is obvious.

Padded features provide two main advantages: the ultimate in comfort, and a way for the seat or other feature to last much longer than it would if it didn’t contain any padding.

Padded sex swings are always going to be more comfortable than those made without the padding, and if you’re looking for extra support, this padding is great for that as well.

The padding can be included in any of the swing’s three main parts, including the straps, so if you’re looking for padding in a specific area, it is recommended that you thoroughly research the product so that you get what you were looking for in the end.

Especially if you use your sex swing frequently or you prefer extra-kinky escapades in the bedroom, padded seats and cuffs are a must, because this is the best way to ensure no chaffing or discomfort will occur over time.

Many product descriptions will also include the exact thickness of the swing’s seat and what type of material is used for the padding, which is convenient because the more details you can get from these descriptions, the less likely you’ll be disappointed when your sex swing arrives.

Are Padded Sex Swings More Expensive Than Non-Padded Sex Swings?

As a general rule, sex swings with padded seats and other features are a tad more expensive; however, since most sex swings cost under $100 anyway, you shouldn’t have to pay too much just to get this advantage.

Sex swings have three main ways to be installed: over the door, hung from a stand, and hung from the ceiling.

The way the swings are installed is likely to affect the overall price much more than the fact that the seats are padded.

Swings that are hung from the ceiling or from a stand tend to be a bit more expensive than those installed over a door, so you might keep this in mind when shopping for your sex swing.

Another factor which may affect the price is whether the swing comes with a swivel chair that spins around in a 360-degree circle, a feature which many couples love.

If you choose one of these seats, it is especially advantageous to choose one that has a padded seat because the more comfort you have while you’re swinging around, the better!

Sex swings with swivel seats are never the over-the-door type of swing because you are unable to swing around when you’re that close to a door. Instead, they are always either hung from a ceiling or from a stand, which is usually purchased separately.

With swivel seats, it is always good to choose one with padding, in part because the swivel action is simply more comfortable on seats with extra padding.

Overall, you can expect to spend anywhere from $60 to roughly $200 for a sex swing with padded seats, but you can reduce that cost if you choose an over-the-door swing or one that doesn’t have a swivel seat.

Remember, sex swings are not that expensive and they last for a very long time, making them quite a good investment regardless of the one you choose in the end.

Padded Sex Swing Reviews

Reviewing the sex swing you’re interested in is a must if you want to make sure you’re happy with your final decision, and thanks to the Internet, these reviews are very easy to come by.

Although most reviews center on the brand itself, you can also get detailed information on the swing’s overall quality, the pros and cons of the various features it offers, the cost of the product and whether it’s worth that price, and how well the swing is built and lasts over time.

Real-life customers who are gracious enough to provide a realistic review provide both the good and bad features of the swing, and it is always a more honest opinion than those offered by the makers of the swing or the store that carries it.

Of course, it is also recommended that you pay attention to the weight limits and any other advice that is listed on the packaging, because this is the only way to guarantee your safety in the end.

As long as you’re heeding all of the manufacturer’s recommendations, therefore, and listen to what the reviewers have to say, you should feel confident when purchasing your next sex swing!

Sex swings with padded seats and cuffs can provide that extra touch of comfort that you want out of your swing, and because swings of all types and designs can come with this feature, it is easier than you might imagine to find seats and cuffs that are thick enough to be both comfortable and durable.

Even if you only use your swing occasionally, you want it to be comfortable, and the swings with padded features are some of the most comfortable swings available, making this a very smart option for anyone!

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