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Usually, when you decide to explore a new sexual territory, all you need is some good will, curiosity, and a great lube. But, when you want to try something like a sex swing for the first time, you might need some directions. We’re here to tell you all you need to know about using sex swings and to make it less intimidating. 

Whenever you decide to try something new sex-wise, you have to muster some courage. Will I like it? Is it safe? Will my partner be into it? Will it be awkward?

All of these questions will go through your head, and we get it. It’s normal. But, as soon as you start controlling your nerves, and give in to the excitement, this new type of bondage will thrill you.

Why is it so great?

People love using sex swings, and it’s for more than one reason or purpose. Partners who want to make their love life more exciting love trying out positions that are impossible in a bed, on a chair, or on a table. People who love bondage also love these, since the person in the swing is more confined than usually.

The most important thing sex swings offer is a sense of fun and adventure. Being at your partner’s mercy can be unbelievably thrilling. You also have to trust your partner to get into this, so it’s a way to achieve new levels of intimacy too.

How does a sex swing work? What does a sex swing do?

Most people never even heard about sex swings, and they have no idea how sex swing sex can change their entire bedroom experience. You see, sex swings are basically swing sets for adults. You have four basic types, and depending on the type, a sex swing can be used by one or both partners.

Sex swings have a seat, and many straps that are there to hold you and/or your partner. Using a sex swing is a unique experience. The feeling of weightlessness and freedom of movement it provides are truly exhilarating. Add to that the fact that you know you are safe while playing, and you’ll understand why people choose these when they want to get their kink on.

Choose a model you will love

This is a very important step. If you plan to use a sex swing, you can’t just take any model – there are four basic types, and you need to know what you’re looking for before you buy one. Wide harnesses, and as much as possible – that’s the first thing to look for in any model.

Door sex swings  - If you want something handy that can be easily removed whenever you need, then take the door model.  It’s versatile, and you can try out a lot of interesting positions with it. You can’t really act like it’s a swing set, but it is a lot of fun. Also, door swings are the cheapest. 

Hanging sex swings – If you hang your swing from the ceiling, you’ll have a very wide range of positions you can try out. One partner or both, these models can definitely take it. Look for models with a comfortable wide bar and wide seats, as well as a good

headrest. With these, you should be aware that you’ll have to screw anchor points into your ceiling. 

Self-standing sex swings – These models are the most handy. You can take them apart whenever you’re not using them, and piece them together easily when you want to play. These are great when both partners want to be in the swing. 

Body swings – If you’re into experimenting, this is the most exciting model. One of the partners wears this swing, while the other is suspended in the harnesses. With this sex swing type, you get the smallest range of motion and the least options when it comes to positions.

Your first one should be cheap

Since you can’t take a sex swing on a test drive, you should definitely take a cheap model first. It’s best to figure out if you and your partner like it before investing big bucks. Door-jam models start at about $60, so there’s a good way to start.

If you’re not sure, ask for help

If you’re uncertain about how does a sex swing work, or how do you use a sex swing, it’s best to ask. Go to a sex shop where experts can explain and guide you. No amount of internet browsing can replace a person who already tried it. So just ask. Ask about different ways to use a sex swing, about interesting positions you can try, things you need to pay attention to. After that little chat, you’ll feel a lot more comfortable once you install your sex swing.

Experiment a bit

When your sex swing arrives, don’t rush to try it with your partner. Try it out on your own first. Sit on it. Put your feet in the stirrups, grab those handles, and see if you can get up and down without problems.

You can use the stirrups to sit, stand, and straddle. Just be very careful, because it’s easy for beginners to lose their balance and have their legs come out from under them. So it’s not a bad idea to stretch a bit before you start using a sex swing. 

Once you’re both there, you need to be relaxed, try different positions until you find those that will excite both of you. Once you’re both ready, the games can begin.

Explore, play, and above all HAVE FUN

Don’t focus solely on the hot and sexy aspect; make it more about fun, exploration, and playing with each other. Once you get the hang of the sex swing, it will gradually become sexier.

Just, consider this sex toy as a way to release your inner child. Let go, open yourself to new experiences, and you’ll be surprised at just how much fun you’ll have!

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