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We know that all you care about is having some hot fun, but you have to consider safety as well. Whether you want a sex swing or a sex sling, it’s not all about fun sex, it’s also about safe sex. You don’t want to end up injured, do you? 


As long as you pay attention to these 6 things, you’ll be safe.

1.The most important safety feature for your sex swing is the spring.

Don’t remove the spring. Many swing manufacturers claim that you should remove the spring from your swing if you’re over a certain weight. This is a HUGE no-no. A bad idea if we ever saw one. You see, everything we use that moves needs a dampening spring to prevent material fatigue or failure. Your car has suspension; your bike has rubber tires… You get the point. 

If you think you or your partner will exceed the weight the spring can take – get a stronger spring, don’t remove it completely. The springs aren’t there just to add bounce to the experience, they are there to make you safer. 

If you do remove the springs, all the jumping and swaying can destroy your expensive new sex swing really quickly. Not to mention that you and your partner can end up on the floor, or even injured.

2. A quick safety check before each use is recommended

It doesn’t hurt, and it might prevent hurting. Every time before you use your sex swing, check if it is ok. Check if your dog chewed off a bit, or there’s a rip, or a tear anywhere on it. Falling in the middle of the action is definitely a buzz kill.




3. Check the mounting points every once in a while

If you took a swing that hangs from the ceiling, or the walls, you need to check those mounting points often. If you notice signs of fatigue, that hook is definitely not safe to use anymore. It’s better to check, then to end up with an absolute nightmare – a fallen ceiling, destroyed walls, and maybe even a broken bone.

4. Don’t remove the hooks

A lot of people try to hide their amusing nocturnal activities from their friends and family, and that’s ok. Nobody likes being judged. We get it. Just, don’t try to hide it by removing the mounting points. Once you remove the hook from your walls or the ceiling, you can’t put it back in the same hole. If you do it, you will definitely fall down with the swing the first time you get in it. If you really need to disguise those hooks, be creative – use a smoke detector, hang a plant, get some interesting decorations…


5. Never adjust while you’re in the swing

So, you’re in there, everything is great, and you want to loosen that one harness just a bit. And you don’t really feel like interrupting everything just to do that. You’re considering setting it while still sitting in it. Don’t. Whenever you adjust the harness, you drop a bit, and you drop suddenly. At that point, the force that you create is five times greater than your bodyweight. That’s a lot for a swing to take.

6. Pay attention to the harnesses

Whether you’re taking a swing or a sling, you need to pay attention to this. Thin harnesses will cut into your flesh, and make it uncomfortable, and even painful. No one wants to have bruises after sex, right? Just choose products with wide harnesses, and you’re good to go.



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