How to use a sex sling

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Ever thought about leverage in the bedroom? We can bet you never thought of it like this! A sex sling is the perfect way to apply the principle of leverage to get a mind-blowing orgasm! You’d like to know how? Read on!

When you decide to spice up your sex life, there’s nothing better than a new toy to make things exciting again. The adventure of discovering how a new sex toy works will bring you and your partner closer together in a sexy, hot and above all interesting game.

If you heard of sex slings, then you know that many couples use them as their weapon of choice in that task. Many people first think of BDSM when they hear the words sex sling, but these toys are so much more.

A sex sling is basically a device that is made of straps and open ends/stirrups. In the simplest models, straps go around your neck, and your legs go in the stirrups. They are easily adjustable to your height, and leg position.

Why would I want a sex sling?


Sex slings come in a lot of different shapes and sizes. Some are complicated, others are simple. Some can be attached to your door, while all you need for others is your partner.

If you’re using a sex sling, you can explore new and interesting sexual positions without being a yoga instructor. Not to mention the fact that you can change positions as much as you want – sex sling imposes literally no limitations. 

New sexual experiences simply cause more pleasure than the old ones – just like trying new tasty foods is more enjoyable than eating the same thing every day. 

So, how to use a sex sling?

First of all, decide on a model – do you want a body sex sling? A couple sex sling? A door model? Or one that you can attach to your ceiling?

For some, a sling can be a power game, while for others, it can be a way to achieve better positions during sex. These are just some of the ideas we’ve got.

1. Woman-on-top

For ladies who like to be on top for maximum pleasure and penetration, a sling can be pretty handy. Put a sling under your partner’s back, and use the stirrups as handles – now you can bend back, turn around, and move any way you want while staying firmly on top of him.

2. Sling 69

If you take a sling that you can hang on your door, you or your partner will end up at the perfect height for a 69. This way you’ll both be able to enjoy the standing 69 without the physical strain that usually accompanies it. Every sling has adjustable straps, so you can be as high or as low as you want.

3. Neck anchor

This beginner position is popular for a good reason. You use your neck as an anchor, pull your legs through the open ends, lay back, and enjoy. This position takes all the pressure away. You don’t have to maintain the position you’re in, as the straps do it for you. All you have to do is enjoy!

When it comes to positions, sex slings are perfectly adjustable, so you can do everything you can imagine. 

If you decide to take one, choose wider straps with padded leg stirrups, and if possible padded neck cushion. 

Once you fall in love with this sex toy, you can start looking into sex sling accessories that will add even more fun!


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