Single or Dual Hook Sex Swing?

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New to this world of sex furniture? You have no idea which type of sex swing you should take? Check here what each model offers, what are pros and cons, and make the decision easily!

There are two basic types of sex swings – single and dual hook models. While each model has its advantages and flaws, it’s important that you understand what they are, so you can make the right choice.

What to look for when getting a sex swing?

It’s not always easy to choose, especially when there are literally hundreds of models, but, there are certain things you need to pay attention to before buying a sex swing. 

  1. Mounting options – If you are worried that people will know or notice the hooks in your ceiling, get a model that doesn’t have to be hanged from the ceiling. 
  1. Your space – Whenever you’re buying anything, you have to consider your living conditions. If you have a small crowded apartment, a single hook, or a door model are a better choice. 
  1. Comfort – If you plan to have a lot of fun in your swing, you need to find a comfy model. Something with wide straps, padded handles, a headrest… 
  1. Versatility – When you’re buying a sex swing, you want to be able to try every fun position in it. 
  1. Safety – You don’t want it to break, or tear, so pay attention to every safety feature.

Dual Hook Swings

As the name says, dual hook swings offer two mounting points. You can mount them on your ceiling, on the walls in your hallway, or on opposite doors. Not to mention that you can freely take it with you an hang somewhere creative and interesting – on a tree in a forest for example. 

If you want a swing that offers a lot of position options, dual hook model is definitely a good choice. You and your partner can be on it together, you can be on it, or he can. It’s great for anal, vaginal, and oral, as well as for BDSM and role-playing fantasies. 

Most people claim that dual hook swings are more comfortable than the single hook models. The main reason is the fact that you can install mounting points much far apart, which is impossible with the single hook models. The wider the swing, the less it pinches your hips and restricts your movements. You can set mounting points up to 40 inches apart. 

When it comes to safety, every model is relatively safe, but, if you need to feel completely safe – take the dual hook model. Two mounting points mean that the weight is equally distributed, and that means less stress on your ceiling/walls.


  • Two mounting points offer more safety
  • No pinching at the hips
  • Versatile 


  • Two hooks are more difficult to hide than one
  • More effort to install
  • More expensive


Single Hook Swings

When it comes to single hook swings, they do have their advantages. For one, they are easier to install. A single mounting point means a single eye hook, which means less effort to hide it. If you are among those people who are worried about putting a hook in your ceiling, then this is the model for you.

Oral, anal, vaginal, BDSM – single hook models offer all the options, just like dual hook ones. You can still both get on them, but single hook models aren’t as versatile as dual hook models are, although they are still a lot of fun. Plus, they offer something dual hook models don’t. You can spin in them. Spinning definitely ads more fun to the swing, and since that’s why you got it in the first place, we’d say it’s a big plus. 

These models aren’t the most comfortable. They can be rather tight, and the straps, no matter how wide, can cut into the flesh. That’s why you need a spreader bar that will give it width. Spreader bars range in size from 14 to 24 inches, so you can surely find one that will suit you.


They’re decently safe. But, if you’re afraid that your ceiling can’t handle that much weight on a single mounting point, you should definitely skip this model.


  • Only one hole to drill in your ceiling
  • Cheaper
  • Spinning Sex 


  • Less freedom of movement
  • Tight, you need a spreader bar
  • Only one mounting point means that you need to be sure your ceiling can handle the weight

The Verdict Is In

If you want more options – dual hook swing is the perfect choice for you, but if you don’t want to drill multiple holes in your ceiling, or you’d like to try spinning sex, then a single hook model is the one to go with.


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