What Is A Butterfly Sex Swing?

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If you want to add a bit more excitement to your sex life, you have a lot of options available, including adding a sex swing to your sex toy collection!

Once thought of as a toy just for porn stars or professional sex workers, people now know that these devices can spice up anyone’s sex life, in part because they give you the freedom to perform different sexual positions and even sex acts in a way that you never have before.

Because they take the pressure off of your joints and muscles, sex swings provide the ultimate in creativity in the bedroom so you are only limited by your imagination each time that you use yours!

There are also many different types of sex swings so whether you’re a newbie at this device or you’ve been using one for many years, it is very easy to utilize yours in a way that will take things up a notch every time you have sex.

What Is A Butterfly Sex Swing?

Although there is a sexual position called the “butterfly,” butterfly sex swings also exist.

These are essentially sex swings that you can take apart and place into other positions so that you can perform numerous sex acts with just one device.

Sex swings come in a wide variety of designs and styles and you can do a lot with all of them. However, if you want a device that enables you to enjoy a variety of positions and sex acts, considering the butterfly sex swing is a smart move.

Most butterfly sex swings go back and forth from low swings to high swings and even to stools that allow you to enjoy some very kinky positions. Most of them, in fact, offer all of the following advantages and more!

First, they offer a basic sex swing on a stand that allows you to experience the many advantages of having sex this way

Made of high-quality materials and built to last, these swings average roughly six and a half feet in height, which is tall enough to accommodate most couples.

Of course, this size varies with each brand so you’ll need to check the product description before deciding which one to buy; however, as a general rule, the initial swing they offer is often over six feet high.

The features offered in each brand can also vary somewhat but once you fully research the device, you’ll quickly become familiar with its characteristics and features so that you can find the right one for you.

Second, many butterfly sex swings then convert into a smaller, shorter type of sex swing.

This one is usually around three feet in height or shorter but you can do the same things with it as you can with sex swings that are regular in size. These are made for people who are shorter than normal or for individuals who prefer their sex acts to be a little closer to the ground.

In fact, when it comes to spiciness and extra oomph, your sex life can get both of these and more with one of these devices! >Moreover, these are the perfect devices to place on your bed for more unique-than-ever sex and the capability to explore new positions easily.

In other words, they make sex both more exciting and much easier to do every time!

Finally, butterfly sex swings often come with a sex stool. There are dozens of ways to utilize this stool but they are big enough to fit two people on them so that neither of you is left out of the fun!

Many butterfly sex swing sets also provide some type of chair, either in addition to or in place of the stool, and a little online research will let you know what’s included with the set you’re exploring.

Butterfly sex swings also offer advantages such as:

  • Reinforced, adjustable straps to accommodate people of all sizes and heights.
  • Only high-quality materials and accessories for the ultimate in durability.
  • An easy way to switch between the different products -- anyone can do it!
  • A way to perform even the most complicated sex acts easily and quickly.
  • Perfect for both sex and masturbation.

Butterfly sex swings are also perfect for couples of different sizes because almost every part of the set is adjustable and is made to fit people both tall and short, fat and skinny.

The versatility that these sets provide makes for a very smart purchase because you’ll likely never run out of things to do on your butterfly sex swing!

In fact, some of these butterfly kits offer up to five different items and all of the items are extremely comfortable and accommodating. Most can also handle up to 300 pounds of weight or more and all of them are designed for the ultimate in ecstasy the next time you’re in the bedroom.

How Much Does A Butterfly Sex Swing Cost?

Because butterfly sex swings are usually three-in-one or even four-in-one pieces of furniture, they are naturally going to be a tad more expensive than other types of sex swings.

If you’re interested in a butterfly sex swing, be prepared to pay roughly $200 for it and maybe more. Of course, when you consider that you’re essentially purchasing three or four different types of sex swings, it is easy to understand why they cost what they do!

You should also take into consideration that the same as other sex swings, the butterfly swings are extremely well made and built to last for a very long time.

In fact, if you’re going to purchase a butterfly sex swing, you should think of it as an investment because they are very likely to be around for many years to come.

Of course, it is possible to get a butterfly sex swing without paying a lot of money for it. All you have to do is research the product online to get the best price but you should also consider the quality of the swing instead of looking at price only.

Many online stores also offer regular sales and discounts, not to mention coupons, so it is very possible to purchase a butterfly sex swing without paying full price for it.

Just take your time, do your due diligence, and you should come up with the perfect butterfly swing at a price you can afford in the end.

Butterfly Sex Swing Reviews

As with any other product you purchase, you naturally want to find out as much as possible about your butterfly sex swing before you make your final decision and that is much easier to do than you might think.

It’s always a great idea to start out with actual customer reviews because they present honest opinions that include both the pros and cons of the product itself. These reviews provide both negative and positive information that allows you to make your own decisions about whether or not to purchase the swing.

Curious about how strong and sturdy the straps are?

Wish to find out how thick the seat is?

Wondering about how difficult it is to switch back and forth between the devices?

All of this and more can be discovered if you find the right customer reviews and it’s always easier to find them if you start online.

Butterfly sex swings are nothing new and if you’re interested in purchasing more than one type of sex swing for your collection, this may be the perfect way to accomplish the task.

Although they are expensive, butterfly sex swings are still much cheaper than purchasing three separate sex swings and they provide a great way to enjoy the diversity and excitement of three completely different devices.

If you’re the type of person who gets bored easily in the bedroom, butterfly sex swings can provide you with something new every single night, enabling you to enjoy sex as you never have before!

In addition, because they are so well made, you can count on having your butterfly swings for a very long time.

Even if you’re just curious about butterfly sex swings, it is very simple for you to research them online.

Whether you want to simply explore some new sexual positions or try something you’ve never experienced before, such as S&M and bondage, these swings can help you get there. They are well priced when you consider everything you get with them and they are also easy to research, easy to find, and easy to order.

The companies that make them ship them discreetly so that your neighbors don’t know what’s in the package you just received and they are perfect for both young couples and more experienced couples in the bedroom.

In other words, they are well worth the time and money you spend on them because they never disappoint!

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