What are Fantasy Sex Swings?

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Sex swings have been used for decades by couples who wish to add a little zip to their love lives!

Contrary to what many people may believe, these swings are not just for porn stars and experienced lovers. In fact, any couple that wants to experience a little more oomph in the bedroom can benefit from buying one of these swings because it makes a variety of sex acts and sexual positions a lot more fun and exciting.

The weightless feel of the swings allows you to feel as if you’re experiencing your escapade in mid-air and they are even good for people with certain mobility issues because they take the pressure off of your joints and muscles.

There are also many different types of sex swings but if you’re looking for the one that provides the most opportunities for the most risqué activities, the fantasy sex swing is the one to consider.

Also known as the BDSM sex swing, it caters to those who are a little more adventurous than most and it never disappoints.

What Are Fantasy Sex Swings?

Fantasy sex swings tend to be made a little differently than regular sex swings because they usually come with extra straps that allow you to tie your partner’s hands or feet together before you get started.

Many of them also come in kits or packages that contain additional accessories, including items such as blindfolds or even lube.

In other words, fantasy sex swings are all about your wildest fantasies so they come with everything that is necessary to make those fantasies a reality!

Another characteristic of the fantasy sex swing is its weight limit, which is often higher than other types of sex swings.

While regular sex swings carry up to 300 or 400 pounds, many fantasy sex swings can handle up to 600 pounds so they can even accommodate three people at the same time if each one isn’t too heavy.

The extra straps on the swing allow you to get very creative in the bedroom and they make vaginal, oral, and even anal sex a lot more interesting.

With fantasy sex swings, you can even create your own positions because these swings allow you to do things you can’t do in a bed, including spin around in a 360-degree circle and allow one of the partners to turn upside-down and vertical to the floor.

There is usually not only a regular padded seat with a fantasy sex swing but often a swivel seat that is made specifically for spinning around, which is something that can make you feel freer than you ever have before while you’re having sex!

Most of them have fluffy linings in those seats and even soft padding in the cuffs, allowing for the ultimate in both comfort and safety during your sexual escapades.

With a fantasy sex swing, you can more thoroughly and completely enjoy whatever it is that brings you pleasure in the bedroom, from a little S&M to some heavy bondage and anything else that you can make up along the way!

Fantasy Sex Swings Versus Door Sex Swings

Fantasy swings are almost always attached to a stand or to the ceiling instead of draped over a door.

Door sex swings are usually not made for BDSM activity because you cannot spin around in a circle with these types of swings. Fantasy sex swings are specifically made for extra-kinky activity while many door sex swings are made for just a little more than the basics.

This is not to say that you can’t get kinky on a door sex swing but since these swings are impossible to spin around in and sometimes offer limited possibilities when it comes to sexual activity, door sex swings are sometimes difficult (but not impossible) to fulfill your fantasies on.

Put simply, door sex swings have limited capabilities when it comes to their use and since they usually only contain the three major parts of a sex swing -- the seat, the straps, and the stirrups -- there are often no extra straps to do things such as tie someone’s arms or legs together.

If you’re a beginner, the door sex swings are also a lot easier to install and take down while the fantasy sex swings sometimes are a bit more complex since they must be attached to something.

If you choose a fantasy sex swing that uses a stand, you have to purchase that stand separately so fantasy sex swings can also be a bit more expensive than standard door sex swings, which tend to be both simpler and less expensive.

Although it is possible to have kinky sex with a door sex swing, it is even more possible with a fantasy sex swing, in part because of the different ways the two swings are designed and the ways they are put together.

How To Use A Fantasy Sex Swing

Fantasy sex swings usually have more features and straps than standard sex swings but they are still used in roughly the same manner.

Just as with other types of sex swings, fantasy swings are meant for one partner to remain in place while the other partner can be more mobile. With a fantasy sex swing, there are straps for grabbing and stirrups for placing your feet into as well as a padded seat that you can sit in or straddle.

However, this is where the similarities to a standard sex swing end because with a fantasy sex swing, you usually have additional straps or even cuffs that you can use to tie one partner’s wrists or ankles together!

The top straps still allow one partner to grab them just as regular sex swings do but the extra straps create extra excitement for both of the partners.

Of course, different fantasy sex swings are made in different ways so the swing you purchase may work a little differently than someone else’s; the good news is that among all of this variety are companies that truly offer something for everyone so you’ll always be able to find what you were looking for.

Some even have straight bars at the very top to hold onto while others have more than one set of stirrups for some extra-kinky fun.

Whatever you’re looking for in a fantasy sex swing, you are very likely to get it, thanks to the wide variety of designs and materials that are now available!

How Much Do Fantasy Sex Swings Cost?

Unlike what many people assume, fantasy sex swings cost a lot less than you might think.

In fact, in most cases, you can purchase a high-quality, durable fantasy sex swing for less than $60 because in reality the main difference between this swing and a standard swing are a few extra straps.

Naturally, you can spend much more than $60 if you want to but it is not necessary in order to get a great fantasy sex swing that is made with high-quality parts.

Of course, this price includes swings made with knitted nylon and great tensile strength, well-made stainless steel structures that are meant to last, high weight capability, and, best of all, all of the parts and tools you need to put it together once you get it home.

As you can see, not only can you purchase a good fantasy sex swing without spending a lot of money but your swing is very likely to be extremely high in quality as well!

Fantasy Sex Swing Reviews

Most product reviews for fantasy sex swings are easily accessible and easy to find online. The best reviews are those written by actual customers who have used the product in the past.

These are honest and dependable reviews that everyone should read before deciding which sex swing to purchase. Many sex toys cannot be returned after you purchase them so it is important to be as certain as possible before deciding which swing to order.

These reviews go a long way in helping you make this all-important decision. Things you need to look for are:

  • The quality of the frame.
  • The materials the straps and seat are made of.
  • The ease with which you can install the sex swing.
  • The overall size of the swing.
  • The weight limit.
  • And, of course, the total price.

As long as the parts are high-quality and the company is reputable, you should have no worries about being happy with your purchase.

Fantasy sex swings are made for everyone because even the shyest individual can enjoy a little more zest and naughty fun in the bedroom with one of these devices.

If you’ve never purchased one before, a little research is always recommended, not only so that you can check out the swing’s quality and durability but also so that you can get exactly what you want in the end.

There are many different types of fantasy sex swings to suit all preferences and tastes but they all serve one main purpose and that is to increase the amount of pleasure you get in the bedroom!

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