What are Body Sex Swings?

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Sex swings are becoming more popular every year, in part because unlike in the past, people now know that they can have fun on these swings even if they’re just a beginner!

Sex swings used to be thought of only as devices for porn stars and extra-adventurous couples but it is now known that everyone can add a little oomph to his or her sex life with one of these devices.

There are also many different sizes and designs of sex swings so if you’ve never tried one before, you can easily find a smaller, less-complex one so that you can start off with some basics before moving up to more risqué activity.

What Are Body Sex Swings?

Body swings are very simple to use because they are very basic in design. Instead of hanging them on a ceiling or a stand, they are usually wrapped around one of the partners for support and the other part of the swing is used by the other partner for the movement that he or she is looking for.

It is a self-contained sex swing, meaning that it usually doesn’t require being suspended from a hook anywhere; instead, you can use the body swing without any additional accessories. In essence, the body sex swing wraps around the couple’s bodies and gives both partners the freedom to use their hands in ways that they may not have used them in the past.

Furthermore, just as other types of sex swings, the body swing enables you to enjoy even complicated sexual positions with no constraints; in fact, you’ll enjoy those positions while you’re feeling as if you’re floating in the air!

The same as other sex swings, body swings allow you to get into positions that in the past may have been either difficult or impossible, even if you have a mobility issue or you’re suffering from conditions such as arthritis or other medical ailments.

All sex swings make most sexual positions a lot easier to do because they take the pressure off of your joints and allow you to practice those positions in a pain-free and much more accommodating manner.

All sex acts, including vaginal, anal, and oral sex, are possible with the body sex swing and others. Once you purchase and use the swing, you’ll likely wonder why you hadn’t bought one earlier!

Body Swings Versus Fantasy Swings

The main difference between body swings and fantasy swings is that most body swings are fairly basic and small while fantasy sex swings can be much larger and more complex, in part because they are usually meant for a variety of kinky sex acts.

Fantasy sex swings often come with additional straps that are meant to tie hands or feet together and they are almost always hung from the ceiling or from a stand because of their size and complexity.

This is not to say that you cannot fulfill your sexual fantasies on a regular body sex swing because you can. In fact, regardless of the type of sex swing you purchase, you’ll discover new uses for it each time you use it.

If you start with a body swing but decide that you need a fantasy swing instead, you can easily go out and purchase one.

Both body and fantasy sex swings can take you to new heights of passion in the bedroom but if you’d like to start out with some basic activities before you move up to something a little more complex, the body sex swing is the perfect choice.

How To Use A Body Swing

Most body sex swings are simple in design and they often consist of just one part. One section of it goes around one partner’s waist and neck -- don’t worry, it isn’t too tight! -- while the other section is round in shape and designed for the other partner to slip his or her body through it.

There are some variations with different body swings, of course, but this is how most of them will look.

With a body sex swing, one partner is usually standing firmly in place while the other partner can be spinning around, pressed against the first partner’s body, or even suspended face-down for even kinkier fun.

If you relax during your escapade, you can easily think up even newer and better ways to have sex in a body swing!

Since the straps are usually made of a tough nylon or leather that is also adjustable, it is suitable for people of all heights and sizes.

Also called a sex harness, body sex swings are often preferable over the bulkier sex swings that fit over the door or hang from the ceiling because they are not as large and therefore not as intimidating.

You can still participate in dozens of sex acts and sexual positions with the body swing with a lot of ease and with no discomfort. There will be fewer parts to the swing and therefore these swings are perfect for beginners and experienced lovers alike!

Some of the many advantages you get with one of these swings include easy-grip handles that allow you to grab ahold of them with ease, padded neck cushions that do a great job of taking the strain off of your shoulders and neck, and padded thigh straps that are both comfortable and effective.

Whether you use a body sex swing for standard “vanilla” sex or for positions that you’ve never tried before, it will never disappoint because these are high-quality products that work great and are made to last for many years to come.

How Much Do Body Swings Cost?

One of the many advantages of a body sex swing is its cost because they usually start at under $20. They can go as high as several hundred dollars as well so it’s good to do a little research on them before you purchase one.

Moreover, as long as the quality of the swing is good, you can count on it being both comfortable and safe. In other words, you don’t have to spend a fortune to get a good, high-quality body swing because its basic design is conducive to it being low-priced, giving you one more reason to purchase this type of swing.

Of course, this doesn’t mean that you shouldn’t do your research before you purchase a body swing.

You should make sure that it can hold the weight of both you and your partner, which is easy to do because the weight limit is always included on the package description.

You should also make sure that it has straps that are adjustable, particularly if one of you is taller or shorter than usual.

Finally, you should make sure that the item is made of a high-quality nylon or leather so that it can last you for a very long time.

Other than these things, it should be very easy to find a body sex swing that will suit your preferences and tastes, not to mention your needs!

While it’s true that price can be the deciding factor when you’re choosing the perfect body swing, it is also very simple to find a great swing regardless of your particular budget because none of these swings are that high in price.

In fact, often when you find a body sex swing that is a little higher than usual in price, it is because it is a package of two swings or a package of one swing and also a bottle of lube.

These “extras” increase the price of the package but in no way does a high price always indicate a superior product and vice versa.

Body Swing Reviews

Reading reviews on body swings is important if you want to find the right one and there are dozens of websites that contain valuable reviews for you to read. You may even find that both brick-and-mortar and online stores tend to carry the same brands of body swings but this is a good sign that usually indicates that the brand is a very good one!

Reviews from actual customers are the best types of reviews because these usually list in detail all of the pros and cons of the product. They are written by people who have used the product themselves so the reviews are far more than just opinions.

Some reviews also concentrate on the store or the manufacturer itself and these can give you a lot of important information as well.

Buying a body sex swing doesn’t need to be difficult, so check out our products today and see what you’ve been missing out on!

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