If you think that you’re too inhibited for a sex swing, think again. These swings are no longer just for porn stars or couples who wish to add a lot of risqué activity to their night time escapades!

Indeed, sex swings are great devices to have in the bedroom because they allow you to experience sex while in a weightless state that increases the pleasure you get from it.

You can do things in a sex swing that you simply aren’t able to do in a bed and this includes things that you thought you had to leave behind because of arthritis or other mobility issues.

There are many great reasons to own a sex swing but what are you to do if you are a plus-sized individual?

Are there really sex swings that can accommodate you and your partner or do you have to be content with other sex toys?

The simple answer is yes, you can enjoy a sex swing regardless of your size, as long as you research them and be on the lookout for certain characteristics of these swings. The best part is that this is a lot easier than you think!

What Are Plus-Sized Sex Swings?

Although there are no specific sex swings that claim “plus-sized” as a characteristic or asset, there are numerous swings that can accommodate larger people.

When you shop for a sex swing, one of the first things that you’ll notice on the package or description is the weight limit, which includes the total weight of both you and your partner.

Depending on the type and brand of the sex swing, this weight can range from 300 pounds to 800 pounds and sometimes more!

If you or your partner are bigger than normal, this weight limit is the first thing that you should look at when shopping for sex swings. Just make sure that you know for certain the total weight of both you and your partner, then compare it to the product description on the box.

This is the best way to know for certain that the swing can accommodate you and the first thing that you should look for when shopping for a particular sex swing.

The second point to consider is the way the sex swing is attached to either the ceiling or a separate stand.

There are three main ways to install a sex swing and the ceiling and a stand are the first two. The third option is a door swing, which simply drapes over the door before the door is shut and locked. However, door swings are usually not recommended for plus-sized individuals, mainly because they often cannot hold a large amount of weight once they’re installed even if they are draped over a very sturdy door.

In fact, the best sex swings for plus-sized people are the ones that are attached to a stand of some type, which usually has to be purchased separately from the swing itself.

If you purchase this type, it is crucial that you determine the weight limit for both the swing and the stand because they must both be able to accommodate you in order to be useful.

Read the directions thoroughly on both packages because this is the only way to know for sure if they will be able to accommodate both you and your partner. If you are able to choose between a single-hook and a double-hook attachment, choose the double hook. The reasons for this are obvious.

A sex swing that is held by a single hook on a stand or the ceiling is never going to be as reliable as one that is held by two separate hooks spaced far apart. Whenever you mount your sex swing, the point at which it is mounted, i.e., the point where the hook attaches to either the ceiling or the stand, is usually the weakest point.

If you choose double hooks, it becomes much more reliable and stronger and it essentially doubles the amount of weight that the swing can hold.

Single-hook attachments usually have some type of bar across them while double-hook attachments don’t. With double hooks, all you have in the ceiling or stand are the straps, which is one of the reasons why it is better for plus-sized individuals to choose the double-hook form of sex swing.

If you do this, you likely will never accidentally fall while you’re in your swing; however, if you do happen to fall, you won’t have a heavy lateral bar falling on top of you but just the straps and the hooks themselves.

There is yet another reason to choose double hooks when shopping for your sex swing

As already mentioned, single-hook attachments usually include a steel bar on the top part of the straps, which is usually spaced about 22 inches wide. That means that the seat is also going to be roughly 22 inches long, which may not be big enough for plus-sized individuals.

If you use double hooks, you can space them much further apart if you want to, giving you a seat that can be as long as 36 inches, which goes a long way in keeping a plus-sized individual comfortable!

It is also good to look at the webbing that makes up the straps. Many sex swings use webbing that is two inches in width, but there are swings that use four-inch webbing, which makes accommodating larger-sized individuals a lot easier.

Four-inch webbing also allows for better displacement of your weight, meaning that you won’t be uncomfortable sitting on the seat or even straddling it.

There are also a few miscellaneous things to look for if you’re plus-sized and looking for the perfect sex swing.

These includes all-metal hooks and other hardware, extra padding in the seat, handles and stirrups that are extra comfortable and adjustable, and even the capability to add on certain items such as squatting attachments and headrests if that’s something you’re interested in.

Many of these swings also come with a carrying case, which is convenient because you can slip the swing into that bag and place it under your bed when it’s not in use, which is a very discreet way to hide it from others.

Shopping for great sex swings shouldn’t be complicated just because you’re a little thicker around the middle than most people and nowadays it doesn’t have to be.

After all, large individuals also deserve to enjoy the many benefits of a sex swing just as much as anyone else, and as long as you’ve found the right one regardless of the type you wanted, you’ll be able to enjoy your swing just as much as your skinny counterparts!

How Much Do Plus-Sized Sex Swings Cost?

As with any other type of sex swings, the ones made for plus-sized individuals vary greatly in price.

Because door sex swings are generally not recommended for larger individuals and because those swings tend to be some of the cheapest ones available, you will almost certainly have to opt for sex swings that can be installed via a stand or attached to the ceiling.

Because of this, you may pay a bit more for your sex swing than you otherwise would but this doesn’t mean that you’ll have to pay a lot!

Indeed, even sex swings with double hooks, the right weight limit, and wider webbing don’t necessarily cost a lot. You can purchase most of these sex swings for under $200, which makes them extremely reasonable.

As a general rule, sex swings are not expensive, especially when you consider how long they last and how much activity you get out of them.

Sex swings by and large allow for a great return on your investment so if you’re a large-sized individual and love the idea of owning one of these swings, there is no time like the present to start shopping!

Plus-Sized Sex Swing Reviews

Naturally, reviews of various sex swings can be found on dozens of websites and these are very helpful because they are written by real-life customers who write about both the pros and cons of the swing they bought.

Keep in mind that the quality of the swing and the reputation of the manufacturer are two things that should be available for review because as long as you find the sex swing that is made by a reputable company like Cum Swing With Me and that is well made, you’ll know that you hit the jackpot!

If you’re a large individual, you’ll want to pay especially close attention to the quality as well as the many features of the swing you’re considering buying. Let’s face it; those features are what will determine the most comfortable and the safest sex swing in the end.

Plus-sized individuals do not have to forego the fun and truly unique adventure offered by a sex swing and even though you may never see a swing that says “plus-sized” on the packaging, this doesn’t mean that sex swings for larger individuals aren’t available.

If you know what you’re looking for, you can easily find the perfect sex swing for your needs and the easiest and fastest way to do that is to start on the Internet, where the selection of swings is much more plentiful!

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