What are the Best Sex Swings?

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Sex swings are a very popular type of sex toy because they present easier ways to create different sexual positions and sex acts while feeling as if you’re weightless, not to mention unstoppable!

The act of sex while you’re on a sex swing is unlike it is in the bed because you can attempt things that you likely haven’t attempted until now.

Furthermore, contrary to what many people may think, you don’t have to be a porn star or an experienced sex toy lover to enjoy a sex swing! Even if all you want to do is take your sex life up a notch and add a little more oomph to it, the sex swing is a perfect way to do this.

There are, of course, various types of sex swings so the best one for you depends mostly on your own personal interests and tastes.

Once you review all the different types and features of sex swings, something will undoubtedly stick out as an important feature and help you make the right choice in the end.

What Are The Best Sex Swings And What Are Their Characteristics?

Sex swings nowadays come in three distinct types, each with its own pros and cons, and these are described below.

First, there is a door sex swing

These are installed by merely draping them over the top of the door, then closing the door firmly and locking it in order to get the privacy you deserve.

Unlike what some people believe, door sex swings allow you to do nearly everything you would with other types of sex swings, except for one thing -- you cannot spin around in a 360-degree circle while having your fun.

However, you can still assume various positions in a door swing, including man on top, woman on top, and the notorious 69 position as well as enjoy vaginal, oral, and anal sex.

One of the many advantages of a door sex swing is the fact that you can both set it up and remove it quickly and easily without installing any permanent screws or other attachments in your home’s structure.

This fact alone is why so many people love this type of swing and why it is so good for beginners!

The second type of sex swing is one that attaches to the ceiling

One of the potential disadvantages of choosing this type of swing is that it requires a permanent screw or some other device attached to the ceiling, which people may very well notice if they walk into your bedroom.

If you don’t care that people see the hook or screw, this won’t be a problem; however, if you’re a bit shy about sharing your sexual interests with your friends, you may have to take this into consideration when choosing a sex swing. If it doesn’t bother you or if no one ever enters your bedroom, this type of sex swing may be just perfect for you!

You can easily set up the swing and remove and hide it when you’re done with it. You also have the freedom to spin completely around while having sex in it so this type of sex swing is beneficial for many couples.

The third and final type of sex swing is one that attaches to a stand of some sort

While many people think of the hammock-type of stand first, most stands for sex swings actually resemble easels a bit except that they have four points that touch the ground instead of three, making them very sturdy.

Most of these stands can be folded and easily hidden when not in use and they all contain a hook at the top to place your swing on.

With this type of sex swing, it is important to keep in mind that the stand is usually sold separately, which means that you have to make sure that the stand is tall enough to accommodate your particular swing without the swing touching the ground after it’s installed.

Make sure that you know the measurements of both the swing and the stand before making your purchase; otherwise, you’ll end up with a structure that won’t work as well as it should!

When deciding on which type of sex swing is for you, you simply need to ask yourself a few questions.

  • Do you need the 360-degree spinning feature or are you content with everything except for this?
  • How discreet do you wish to be when the sex swing is not being used?
  • Are you all right with making a permanent adjustment to your ceiling or do you prefer a sex swing that requires no screws or bolts?
  • How accommodating is the swing if you are extra tall or you and your partner are very different sizes and heights?

Once you answer these and a few other questions, you may very well have the answer you need to choose the right sex swing for you.

Still another consideration is choosing between a regular sex swing or one with special features, such as BDSM capabilities.

The bondage sex swings generally have a few more straps that can be used to tie hands or feet together or they come with accessories such as blindfolds or even lube. In fact, many bondage sex swings come in kits that include everything you need for your BDSM fun!

If you’d like to try a little bondage or S&M, these swings are the perfect addition to your sex toy collection. If you’re merely interested in the magic and many benefits of a generic sex swing, the regular type will likely work just fine.

The bottom line? The “best” type of sex swing merely depends on what you expect to get out of the experience because the companies that make all types of sex swings truly offer something for everyone.

Remember that all sex swings have three main parts: a seat, adjustable straps, and stirrups

Some swings add other features to the mix, such as chains and extra straps for bondage and other activity types, but they all start with these three main parts.

In fact, as long as you heed the recommendations regarding the total weight the swing can handle, you will have no worries about falling or becoming injured while using it.

Best Sex Swing Reviews

It is easy to read various reviews on the different types of sex swings since online research always produces dozens of them.

You may even notice that many of the sex toy stores you’re visiting, either in person or online, will carry swings by the same manufacturers but this is a good sign because it means that those manufacturers are reputable.

Reviews usually center around either the features of the product or the manufacturer of the product and both of these are important.

If you’re looking for particular features, e.g., bondage or BDSM attachments, then that’s what you need to read reviews on. The same goes when you’re not picky about the specific features but are more concerned about buying your sex swing from a reputable store or manufacturer.

Regardless of which angle you take, however, there are a few things to consider when deciding which sex swing is best for you and these include the following.

  • Are the straps adjustable? This is especially important if you and your partner are two completely different heights or sizes.
  • Are the straps long enough to accommodate you? Especially when you’re looking at stirrups, you’ll need to make sure that your legs are comfortable when using them, particularly if you are taller than average.
  • Is the seat padded? Whether you sit on the seat or straddle it, it must be comfortable for you, which usually requires some type of thick padding to be on it.
  • Is it made out of comfortable materials? Most sex swings are made out of leather or some type of heavy-duty plastic or nylon but they can also be made out of materials such as fur. Make sure that you’re going to get one that you consider comfortable.

Finding the best sex swing isn’t complex because the choice you make centers mostly around your own personal preferences and tastes.

You can easily find reviews that describe in detail the many features of the swing and how well it is made but if you’re looking for something specific to make your sex life a little spicier, a little more research might be necessary.

Fortunately, most of your research can be done online discreetly and in the privacy of your own home. Just keep in mind that this research should include two main areas: the features you’re looking for and the overall quality of the swing itself.

If you’re extra heavy, paying attention to the weight recommendations is also important but the good news is that even this feature should be very easy to find in the end!

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