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You and your partner need something new and interesting to spice up your sex life? Then a sex swing is the thing you’re looking for.

You heard of these things, but, what’s a sex swing anyways? Are there any benefits of a sex swing? Will sex in a sex swing be better? More interesting? Will your orgasms be stronger? Are they expensive? Are they safe?

We know you have a whole bunch of questions – so did we! So, after some research we’re here with all the answers you’ve been searching for.

First and foremost – sex swing definition

It’s a swing, or a harness that’s made for one purpose only – having sex in it. Depending on the model you choose, a sex swing will fully or partially support the weight of one or both partners during sex.

Usually, one partner sits in the harness, suspended above the ground, while the other one does all the work, while sitting or standing up.

You can install one in your door frame, hang it from the ceiling, and install it so it hangs between walls – whatever you imagine. You can take a model that has its own frame, or even one that is suspended from one partner’s body.

These swings are useful if you and your partner want to try new interesting positions. Just imagine all the things you can do while one of you is in the air?

A sex swing can also be useful if your heights are mismatched, or one of you has an injury. People with pain, mobility or positioning issues can use a sex swing and have a lot of fun.

Either way, you’ll get an opportunity to experiment with new positions, new angles, new ideas. Your sex life can be so much more interesting with this toy.

Different types of sex swings

When you’re choosing the model of the sexual swing, you need to consider several things. How much space you have, do you want it to be a permanent installment, and how much freedom you want.

These are the main models:

1. Door Sex Swing

This model is handy if you want to put your sex swing away easily. It can hold about 200 pounds, and all you need for it is a door frame. Of course, before you install a swing, you need to check if your door frame can handle the weight. You don’t want to fall in the middle of lovemaking, do you?

2. Hanging Sex Swing

With this model, you need a bit of knowledge, and specific hardware to hang it safely from your ceiling. You need to pay attention when installing it – the beam that you’re attaching it to has to be strong enough. If it can’t support the weight, you might end up with a catastrophic infrastructure problem on your hands. All of this pays off once you start using it. The fact that it hangs from the ceiling makes it incredibly versatile and interesting to use. Since it hangs from your ceiling, this isn’t the most discreet version, but the fun makes it well worth it.

3. Self-standing Sex Swing

If you don’t want to think about the infrastructure of your home, or the strength of your door frame, this model is the best one. It comes with a stand, but takes up a lot of space, so it isn’t handy for small homes. They do have a weight limit, so you should check that on the model you’re purchasing. Most often, they are suitable for both partners at once, and we can just imagine all the fun positions possible. These offer more discretion, since you can fold or take them apart when you’re not using them. Your kinky side can stay a secret!

4. Body Swing

This model demands the most from you and your partner. One of the partners wears the swing, and the other one is held by the harness and the partner that’s wearing it. You need to be able to support the weight of your partner. If you’re not sure you can do it, but you still want to try, stay close to the bed, so you can put your partner down easily.

Before you buy one, pay attention to these important things

  • How much weight it can handle – depending on how you plan to use it, this swing has to be able to take the weight. If you want something that can handle both of you, you need to take something sturdier.
  • Installation requirements – if you have landlords, or you’re not really handy, you need to take a model that’s adequate. You see, hanging models aren’t really good if your landlords won’t let you drill holes in their ceiling. Also, if you don’t have the tools necessary, it might be awkward to call a handyman to install your sex swing.
  • How much comfort do you want/need – Do you need a cushion, padding, or a headrest? Narrow seats and harnesses can cut into the flesh, and that isn’t very comfy. So, take something that you can add whatever you need to later on.
  • The number of straps – It might be handy to take a sex swing that has leg rests, additional thigh and arm straps. This will make it more versatile, and more fun in the long run.
  • Who is it for – if you and your partner are looking for a sex swing, a simple model is ok. But, if you want to mix things up, try many different positions, you might consider getting an adjustable model.
  • Your budget - if you just decided to get a sex swing, and it is your first one, it’s best to take something cheaper. Don’t invest in a premium model right away - start small, and then build up to bigger things.


But, what can you do with a sex swing?

We have a few ideas

  1. Standing position - one partner is strapped, while the other one is standing and facing the receiving partner. This position is the simplest one, but it also allows the most experimenting with harnesses, heights, stirrups etc. 
  1. Swinging doggy style - whether you’re into anal or vaginal sex, this position will thrill you. The receiving partner bends over the seat, while the penetrating partner stands behind. The swing will make every movement more intense. 
  1. Oral fun - sit on the swing and receive the oral fun of your life. Movements of the swing mimic thrusting, and intensify the experience. 
  1. Straddle time - While he sits on the swing with his back supported, his partner can straddle him, so they can both swing. The feeling that there’s nothing under you will make it incredibly satisfying. 
  1. Some alone time - believe it or not, a sex swing is amazing even for masturbation. Lie on your back, place your feet in the stirrups, and swing while pleasing yourself. 

Once you try out these basic positions, you’ll get a pretty good idea of what you like. That’s when the real fun starts - when you start exploring with your partner.

So, in the end, the main question is – are sex swings fun?

After we have seen all these models, and even tried some, our answer is very simple, and to the point:

Hell, yeah!

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