Locked and Shocked Male Estim Device
Locked and Shocked Male Estim Device
Locked and Shocked Male Estim Device

If Miss Independent were a real pageant, you’d certainly win the crown. You are not fond of asking for help, and you get things done your way. You do not need anyone’s permission because you can make your own decisions. You are a woman of the world.

But you also have a deep, luscious secret. See, despite hating to be bound up by the rules of society, you have merinthophilia. The sight of your partner restrained in bed arouses you like no other. If it’s possible to tie every inch of his body, you will do it for sure. Oh, the things you would do in the name of orgasm!

If you have a strong fetish for seeing your lover tied up, then you probably own dozens of ropes. They are effective for restraining your partner’s limbs, but have you got something to tie his penis with? In case you are unaware that such a device exists, you must get your hands on a Locked and Shocked Male Estim Device.

This set comes with a power host and a pair of elastic straps that can conduct electro-stimulation. The TENS unit is made of high-quality ABS and is very easy to operate. It features a screen for maximum accessibility so that you can check your device’s current settings. All function buttons are labeled, so you will know which one to press to deliver your desired result.

Of course, an estim device will not be complete without electrodes. This package has two elastic cock rings and electrodes attached to a metal snap button to conduct electro-stimulation. Place each band snugly on your partner’s cock and connect the jack on the output port on top of the power host. Start slow, and work your way up. Send delirious shocks to his dick with a touch of a button!

Ropes on his arms and legs, and the Locked and Shocked Male Estim Device on his cock… If the image turns you on, then purchase this item right away!

Color/Type Cock Rings: Red
Power Host: White
Material Cock Rings: Rubber
Power Host: ABS
Dimension Length: N/A
Width/Diameter: N/A

Locked and Shocked Male Estim Device

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