Metallic Estim Prostate Shocker
Metallic Estim Prostate Shocker
Metallic Estim Prostate Shocker
Metallic Estim Prostate Shocker
Metallic Estim Prostate Shocker

Your Sub loves having fun in bed, but your idea of fun is a whole different level than what he has in mind. Yes, you’re all for fun and games, but you have no time for elementary stuff like blindfolds, ice, and whipped cream down there. You want the real deal—the kind that will forever make a mark on your Sub’s memory.

If you think it’s time to introduce your lover to your wild, kinky world, then prepare him for the ultimate shock of his life. Give him an electrifying night, one that’s hard to charge to experience because he’ll want to go through it over and over again. Turn on the Metallic Estim Prostate Shocker and make him suffer from your erotic wrath.

This set includes an anal plug, a power host, and a wireless controller. Everything is handy and fits your palm perfectly for easy access. The power host and remote control are made of ABS, so you’re sure you are getting the good stuff. You better hoard some cells as both are battery-operated. The power host is a small but ruthless tool that boasts six different modes of stimulation. This pentagon-shaped device has two output ports, so you can both have your fair share of fun.

The wireless remote is set to make your BDSM sessions easier because it has all the buttons you need to operate the E-Stim set. It has an intensity adjuster to gauge your Sub’s limit better. It also features an automatic function to shuffle all the stimulation modes. The controller can transmit signals up to 20 meters.

This bondage accessory has four variants of metal anal plugs. Variant A is an egg-shaped teaser, while Variant B looks more like a standard-shaped butt plug with a tapered tip. Variant C has a bulb-shaped head and a flared base that keeps it securely lodged on your partner’s behind. Lastly, Variant D is an oval-shaped ass pleaser and a longer version of Variant A.

There are certain thrills in this world that you’ll only get with the right toy. Buy the Metallic Estim Prostate Shocker today and see what’s in store for you and your lover!

Color/Type Plugs: Silver
Power Host: Black
Material Plugs:Metal
Power Host/Remote Control: ABS
Dimension Length: Plugs:
Variant 1: 1.89 inches (48 mm)
Variant 2: 2.17 inches (55 mm)
Variant 3: 2.17inches (55 mm)
Variant 4: 2.64 inches (67 mm)
Power Host: 2.68 inches (68 mm)
Remote Control: 3.03 inches (77 mm)
Width/Diameter: Plugs:
Variant 1: 0.98 inch (25 mm)
Variant 2: 0.98 inch (25 mm)
Variant 3: 1.18 inches (30 mm)
Variant 4: 0.98 inch (25 mm)
Power Host:1.57 inches (40 mm)
Remote Control: 2.17 inches (55 mm)

Metallic Estim Prostate Shocker

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