Fiery Red Latex Hood

Her eyes are the very reason you got so into her. It's like they are speaking to you, discussing deep matters of so many consequences. Covering her entire face and leaving her eyes alone suffice to mesmerize you. How much more could it affect you if her head is covered with your favorite thing in the world, latex, with windows just for her eyes? Try it! Get the Fiery Red Latex Hood for her, and be on cloud nine with how this mask can stress her most beautiful asset!

Dress her head beautifully with this mask made of 100% latex. It is a naturally-occurring material that's sought after by many fetishists for its characteristics—rubbery, shiny, and fragrant. It is slightly stretchy by nature, making it glossier as you pull it harder. It comes in vibrant red, the color of heat and sexiness. You can't go wrong in choosing this color as it complements any color of her top, even her bare skin!

This mask is available in five sizes, dimensions of which are available on the chart below. Make sure to measure your woman's head circumference to get the right fit. Once you have your preferred size, be informed that the best way to wear it is to apply fine talc powder onto her face to slide the mask on easily.

Some people have allergies to latex. Should you need to check whether this will work well with your lady, try scratching her skin with a latex material at home. If there is no significant reaction on her skin, you can go ahead and process your order for this product.

Make this mask her costume in your plays. Ask her to match it with leather catsuits and high heels. Whatever she pairs it with, one thing's for sure you can get to see the most beautiful part of her entirety—her eyes. So grab this Fiery Red Latex Hood for her now!

Color Red
Material Latex
Sizes S, M, L, XL, XXL: Refer to the size chart below for the measurements.

Fiery Red Latex Hood

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