Studded Leather Blind Fold
Studded Leather Blind Fold
Studded Leather Blind Fold
Studded Leather Blind Fold
Studded Leather Blind Fold

Submerge your partner into the darkness. Cover his eyes with this fetishistic eye accessory. The Studded Leather Blind Fold is perfect for couples with dynamic relationships and lifestyles and those looking for something to spice things up in bed.

This erotic blindfold, similar and more from the used in this porn video, features an eye mask, blocking the wearer's vision. And when his sight is blocked, all he can rely on is his other senses, for he can't see what's about to come. It also has a short studded strap on top of it to keep the mask in place. Both sides of the blindfold have metallic rings where the longer adjustable straps are connected. These bands are wrapped around your submissive's head, ensuring that it won't fall off in the middle of the scene. Since the straps are adjustable, they come with a tongue buckle on one end and a series of punched holes on the other, allowing you to change the fit. Rest assured that your passive partner won't see anything once you put it around his head. You also now have the power to do whatever you want with his helpless body.

Tickle him, hit him, cage his dick, and torment his balls—he has no choice but to feel the pleasure and pain brought by these punishments. Just don't forget to set some rules, limitations, and safewords before the scene starts and give him aftercare when the session is over.

Speaking of aftercare, this eye mask needs it, too! The blindfold is leather-made, which means cleaning it is a breeze. Simply wipe its surface with a wet cloth, followed by a dry one to absorb excess moisture. Keep it in a safe spot away from sunlight, dust, and wet to preserve its beauty and condition.

So what's still stopping you from getting this Studded Leather Blind Fold? Get one today before stocks run out!


Color/Type Black
Material Faux Leather
Dimension Length:
Eye Mask - 8.27 inches (21 cm)
Head Strap (Adjustable) - 20.28 – 24.21 inches (51.5 – 61.5 cm)
Width/Diameter: 3.03 inches (7.7 cm)

Studded Leather Blind Fold

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