Anal Stimulation Estim Accessories
Anal Stimulation Estim Accessories
Anal Stimulation Estim Accessories

There is nothing you want other than to give your partner the best time in bed. It's not always rainbows and butterflies, though. You like to get spanked once in a while. Well, you are lucky your lover is a controlling Dom who always wants to be on top of anything. So when he relaxes his strict rules and asks you to bring in one tool for your next session, you have one tool in mind.

The feeling of his robust manhood in your ass has always given you chills down the spine. And, the Anal Stimulation Estim Accessories will take this feeling to the next level!

This is an easy-to-install set with some of the things you need for an electric anal experience. It includes an anal probe made of both plastic and stainless steel. The plastic component of this plaything will allow you to explore different anal stimuli without any untoward incidents. Plastic is a superb material with durability and malleability for a good anal experience. As we are talking about electric energy flowing through your sexual experience, the steel parts will help with this. As an effective conductor of electricity, it will give enough erotic energy to your most sensitive areas.

Moreover, this set includes wires and adaptors to help you get that deep massaging you enjoy. All you need is to get a power source and, you are ready for an electrifying experience!

Playing with electric shocks is no joke so. Make sure you are ready for the different sensations. Also, it would help if you practice it on the back of your hand first before going full-on.

Give some love and wipe this disinfectant after using. Store this on a separate container, away from extreme heat and moisture.

So grab your sexiest lingerie and be ready to perform your sexy dance. It's going to be a night full of pleasure! Grab this lovely tool now!

Color/Type Wand: White
Wire: Black
Material Stainless Steel
Dimension Length:
Overall: 3.07 inches
Anal Probe: 1.93 inches
Width/Diameter: 0.87 inch

Anal Stimulation Estim Accessories

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