Electro Foreplay Sex Pinwheel Set
Electro Foreplay Sex Pinwheel Set

You fetishize inflicting pain. Sex is so much sweeter and orgasmic when you watch your partner enjoy both torture and pleasure. Muffled screams thrill you immensely, and being in charge of the game makes you feel powerful.

Why don’t you take your game up a few notches with the Electro Foreplay Sex Pinwheel Set? The kit includes a pinwheel, a pair of clamps, and electro-patches. These are connected to a control host so they can deliver electrifying sensations.

The pinwheel is unique because it’s not the usual disc shape. This one is a sphere with pointed spines that are equally spaced apart. But like its flat counterpart, it rolls in a straight direction. The pinwheel is recommended for experienced users as the pins are far from each other and sharp. This means the instrument can provide more focused, intense sensations. Hold its handle, then roll the wheel over your partner's skin. All the parts are metal, which is a great electric shock conductor.

Increase the stimulation by pinching the nips with the wire clamps. These, too, provide electrifying sensations when connected to the control host. You can also use the pair of electro-patches to deliver a delightful spine-tingling massage on areas you want to stimulate.

The user-friendly power box allows you to experiment with different modes and increase or decrease the intensity by rotating the knob on the right. The kit comes with a cable with four connectors that fit into the jacks of the clamps, wheel, and patches.

Once you activate the electro-shock, it’s time to torment your submissive with titillating sensations. Make sure that the sharp pins do not puncture the skin so you can use the pinwheel again and again. The maximum electro-shock level is safe, but remember to increase the intensity gradually as your partner gains more experience.

Make your S&M play safe, sane, and consensual. Set some ground rules and assign a safe word in case you get carried away. Other than that, enjoy! Buy today for an exciting sensation play!

Color/Type Silver, Black, and White
Material Metal
Dimension Length: NA
Width/Diameter: NA

Electro Foreplay Sex Pinwheel Set

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