Extreme Penis Electro Stimulation Device
Extreme Penis Electro Stimulation Device
Extreme Penis Electro Stimulation Device

How's your sissy play with your man? Still exciting, but it's getting repetitive? If you are looking for a fresh way to titillate him and make your play more spine-chilling, then be more fierce and savage. Don't hesitate to use the Extreme Penis Electro Stimulation Device on him. It's guaranteed torturously delicious!

The device includes a beady metal penis plug connected to a control host to deliver electrifying sensations focused on your man's johnson, and this stimulation will radiate from his loins to his whole body. Isn't that erotic?

The rod is designed to heighten sensations as it is bumpy. The different diameters of the beads create waves of orgasmic pleasure as you slowly insert it into his pee hole. To make it securely plugged in place, it comes with a ring, which will make his willy hard as it will limit flood flow. The tapered tip facilitates effortless insertion. On the opposite end is the jack where you attach the cable connector. The ring also accommodates one so that you can simultaneously deliver stirring e-stim inside and outside his peen.

It comes with a control host that lets you experiment with a variety of stimulations. You can shift from one mode to the other, then take control of the intensity with just a touch of a button. It's not complicated as it seems. The electrical current is safe for body use, so there's no need to worry.

Though you intend to be savage, ensure that the experience is one to be enjoyed by your sissy. Ensure that the metal plug is always sanitized before use to prevent bacterial infection. Next, slather it with water-based lube before sticking it up into his precious possession. Once it is inside, attach it to the control host to further increase the sensitivity in that region.

Use plumes to tickle his willy, but the gentlest caress of your fingers is more than enough to make him scream with delight! Try it on your sissy soon before stocks run out. Buy now!

Color/Type Silver and Black
Material Metal
Dimension Length: 6.02 inches (153 mm)
Width/Diameter: Beads: 0.21 inch (5.4 mm), 0.20 inch (5 mm), 0.29 inch (7.3 mm), 0.32 inch (8.1 mm)

Extreme Penis Electro Stimulation Device

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