Fuzzy Rabbit Fur Flogger
Fuzzy Rabbit Fur Flogger
Fuzzy Rabbit Fur Flogger

Years in the marriage, you both haven't even tried kinky sex. You have wanted to try it ever since, but your partner seems skeptical about it. She's afraid that she might end up with bruises which might leave permanent marks on her body.

That is just normal. Entering the BDSM world requires a lot of guts and confidence. However, you can always persuade your woman to make it with you by explaining that you will start with the basics. If you are both new to this kind of game, then begin with this newbie-friendly Fuzzy Rabbit Fur Flogger.

Tickle and, at the same time, sensually punish your woman with this flogger made of premium materials. Its tail resembles a bunny's—made of superlight faux fur that's cottony soft. It's so smooth to touch that your woman won't see it as a torture tool at all. This tail is attached to a handle covered with high-quality PU leather material. This leather is braided to allow an anti-slip feature even when held for long. And finally, it also has a hook at the end of the handle to ease hanging it to your cupboard after use.

This flogger measures approximately 18.11 inches long from the handle to the tip of the tail. With its length, you can be sure that you can still reach your lady even from a distance. Blindfold and cuff your woman, and start hitting her at random parts of her body. That will add an element of surprise, which will surely raise her libido during your play.

If you're planning to play BDSM until the test of time, there's no other best time to start it but now. So add this Fuzzy Rabbit Fur Flogger to your cart, and good luck entering the colorful world of kinky sex!

Color/Type Brown Black with White
Material PU Leather
Synthetic Fur
Dimension Length: ~18.11 inches (46 cm)
Width/Diameter: N/A

Fuzzy Rabbit Fur Flogger

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