Hardcore Punishment Chain Mail Flogger
Hardcore Punishment Chain Mail Flogger
Hardcore Punishment Chain Mail Flogger
Hardcore Punishment Chain Mail Flogger
Hardcore Punishment Chain Mail Flogger

There is no place you'd rather be than to be with your lover right now. But, after cheating on you, she dares to come back and ask for your forgiveness. What a big joke! But still, you are fond of her, and you still want to give her the spanking she deserves.

It's time to take out the goods and match your erotic hunger with the Hardcore Punishment Chain Mail Flogger. With this in your sex gear line-up, your partner will see that you mean serious business.

Gear up good as this is not for the wimps! You have a leather handle that will make your grip on this flogger steady. This part of the flogger is 6.30 inches long to give you enough room to adjust how you hold this during the session. The leather lining gives it a lush look to make you feel like a real Lord punishing his undeserving servant!

Moreover, there is so much to say about the chain tassel of this whip. These metal strips are clamped at the end of the handle. This chain tassel forms one of the most sinister-looking whips you will ever see. Metal is an unforgiving medium. But it will also help create erotic feelings when glazed on sensitive areas of the body. One flicker of your wrist and you will create waves of sensation over the target area.

Remember that you always have to listen to your partner's cues and safe words. Flogging is not all about giving pain. Deliver more arousal, especially during foreplay. Experiment and play around with the erotic game of anticipation using this whip. This instrument will offer you leeway to explore ways to please yourself.

Make sure you give this some love by storing this in its container. Wipe the surface with a dry cloth to remove lingering dust and other particles.

So maybe you can do this one last time, you know you want to. Grab this lovely piece today!

Color/Type Chain
Material Metal
Dimension Length:
Full Length: 23.62 inches
Handle: 6.30 inches
Width/Diameter: N/A

Hardcore Punishment Chain Mail Flogger

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