Penis Sleeve Electro Stimulation Machines
Penis Sleeve Electro Stimulation Machines
Penis Sleeve Electro Stimulation Machines
Penis Sleeve Electro Stimulation Machines

Women have always been the center of attention during foreplay. Their nipples are fondled, and their clits are licked as if there’s no more tomorrow. It is probably because they tend to reach torrential pleasure fast, and unlike men, they don’t experience refractory periods.

But hey, that doesn’t mean your man is not hungry for something new! Yes, blowjobs and deepthroats are blissful, but it’s about time to deviate a little bit from that. Surprise your partner with something intense like these Penis Sleeve Electro Stimulation Machines.

The product package includes a Transcutaneous Electrical Nerve Stimulation (TENS) Unit and conductive fiber-based penis and balls sleeves. To use it, all you have to do is slide one sheath on the shaft of his manhood and place the other one on his balls. Turn the TENS unit on, and that’s it!

The power host unit comes in different stimulation modes that can be intensified via a rotating knob on the upper right corner. You can select the mode you like to try on your partner by pressing the buttons. Once you are done with the configuration, the unit will send electric impulses in wave patterns. Your partner may feel various sensations ranging from ticklish to stinging. Of course, that depends on your preference for action. Start first at a low intensity to not overwhelm his manhood. Gradually increase the level as you deem tolerable for him.

The conductive fiber sleeves are also exciting components to watch out for. They conform to the size of the wearer’s penis, so you don’t have to worry. They are also skin-friendly and sturdy, giving you and your partner years of undeniable pleasure.

Hand wash the sleeves with warm water and mild soap after every use. Hang them to dry before putting them away.

Your man may not be asking for this, but he indeed is game for it! Come on; add it to your cart today!

Color/Type Gray, Black
Material Sleeves: Conductive Fiber
Dimension Length:
Black Sleeves: 3,54 inches (9 cm)
Gray Sleeves: 2.76 inches (7 cm)
Black Sleeves: 2.36 inches (6 cm)
Gray Sleeves: 2.17 inches (5.5 cm)

Penis Sleeve Electro Stimulation Machines

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