Portable Battery-Operated Sex Taser
Portable Battery-Operated Sex Taser
Portable Battery-Operated Sex Taser
Portable Battery-Operated Sex Taser
Portable Battery-Operated Sex Taser

At last! Your anticipated out-of-town travel has come! You prepared for it for several months, and now it's here! You have been envisioning your night together in another place to be steamy, sexy, and rough. But you failed to plan about bringing in the tools to execute your sadistic performance. You couldn't bring your cane and paddles as they are bulky in the bag. So now, you're left with nothing but your bare hands to spank your sweetheart.

Poor creature! How dare you punish your woman unequipped? Next time—so you won't forget—bring this Portable Battery-Operated Sex Taser with you. You can always put this in your bag not only as a weapon but as a sex torture tool, too!

Discipline your lover with this taser without even laying your hands on her. Thanks to its gun-like mechanism, with just a press to its trigger, you can shoot electricity to your woman to inflict excruciating pain. You will never worry about missing your target. This 5.91- by 0.79-inch device, given its dimensions, is handheld. You can effortlessly point it at your target and fire with high precision.

This baton-like tool uses ABS on its frame. Inside it are metal parts that conduct and generate current with the battery as its power source. At its one end are two antennae that serve as the endpoint and the conductor of electricity. On the other hand, the handle's end holds a strap that you can wear to support your grip. You can also use this sling to hook to your belt or when you wish to display it on your wall.

Lights on or lights off, you can still maximize the use of this toy. It has a flashlight that lights up with just a click, so there's no need to frisk in the dark during your play.

Don't ruin travel plans by forgetting your torturous tools at home. Get this Portable Battery-Operated Sex Taser, and execute your sadistic performances anytime, anywhere! Buy now!

Color/Type Black
Material ABS
Dimension Length: 5.91 cm (15 cm)
Width/Diameter: 0.79 inch (2 cm)

Portable Battery-Operated Sex Taser

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