Sadomasochistic Black Rubber Flogger
Sadomasochistic Black Rubber Flogger

Keeping up with your new BDSM lifestyle is never boring. You always find yourself with new tools and unique erotic experiences, and you love it. Being free from all judgment, you have never felt more alive!

You love exploring your body and discovering the different erotic feelings you get when you have a new toy. So far, you have enjoyed the erotic high of sensory play because it's nothing like you have ever felt before.

The Sadomasochistic Black Rubber Flogger is an adventure waiting to happen. Unlike its other counterparts, this flogger is made of rubber, a milder option but still packs a punch. As this is a tool, your Master will have to wield it to the chosen spot for you to feel its force.

The handle is designed for convenience, so rest assured this will not easily fall out of grip. This item has a beady hold with a nylon string for extra hand support. It boasts a 2.76 inches length to accommodate most hand sizes. No matter how strong the whipping force be, this flogger will stay in your Dom's hand.

Also, you will be mesmerized by the 5.91-inch rubber strips on this flogger. Each piece is a reliable punisher that is also great for soft caressing. Your lover can easily turn this monstrous tool into the most delicate toy by running the tails on your sensitive parts. The erotic sensation will be indescribable!

You are curious about that pleasurable pain this whip guarantees to bring. But, it will still help to have a thorough discussion about safety before every session. Be open about what you want and agree on a safe word to use when things get too much for you.

Explore your body and all that it has to offer. Feed your curiosity and add this tool to your collection today!

Color/Type Black
Material Rubber
Dimension Length:
Handle: 2.76 inches
Tail: 5.91 inches (15 cm)
Width/Diameter: N/A

Sadomasochistic Black Rubber Flogger

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