Stick Anywhere Electric Sex Play Kit
Stick Anywhere Electric Sex Play Kit
Stick Anywhere Electric Sex Play Kit

Can’t find enough inspiration for your sex play? Bring back the spark with something as electrifying as the Stick Anywhere Electric Sex Play Kit! It’s a unit that will provide electrifying sensations.

The kit includes a control host, two electroshock pads, and a cable. The controller is easy to use and operate. You will never have any trouble using the controller as all the buttons are in English. The digital display panel also shows the current setting in use, battery status, and intensity. It features a dual output design, allowing you to add another instrument like an e-stim-enabled butt plug. This allows simultaneous stimulation of different erogenous parts. These outputs are compatible with 2.35 mm jacks.

At the lowest setting, the voltage of the electrical shock is very subtle. Others describe it as warm champagne on the skin or like a light caress that’s very sensual. At its highest, it produces heavy or painful throbbing sensations that are harmless. With the host, you can easily navigate through the nine intensity levels. This feature makes this kit great for both experienced electro-sex players and beginners.

It is easy to set up and use. Connect the patches to the host, then stick the tacky side to any chosen sweet spot on your partner’s body. You can stick them anywhere you like! These reusable pads are made of silicone and conductive fiber. They come with jacks that readily connect to the cable wires to receive signals from the host.

For an uninterrupted electro-play, make sure to recharge the control host. It will only take 40 minutes for the battery to get fully charged, and it will deliver five hours of use.

While it’s great for couple play or BDSM parties, you can enjoy it on your own. While it’s safe to use, keep in mind not to use it on a partner with a pacemaker, a heart condition, or epilepsy.

Revive your sex play with this electrifying device soon when you buy now!


Color/Type Electroshock Pads: Black and White
Control Host: White
Material Eltroshock Pads: Conductive Fiber and Silicone
Control Host: ABS
Dimension Length: Electro-shock pads: 2.76 inches (70 mm)
Width/Diameter: Electro-shock pads0.39 inch (10 mm)

Stick Anywhere Electric Sex Play Kit

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