Urethral Dilator Electric Penis Stimulator
Urethral Dilator Electric Penis Stimulator
Urethral Dilator Electric Penis Stimulator
Urethral Dilator Electric Penis Stimulator

Feeling grateful that your partner willingly submits to your whims? He offers his butt for spanking, allows you to bite his tits, and lets you do the pegging. He's game for anything!

Why don't you give him something else and make him experience a different kind of stimulation?

The Urethral Dilator Electric Penis Stimulator is a real game-changer. It brings all-new sensations your partner has never felt before.

The cock plug features a series of four elongated beads that will deliver a wave of blissful titillation. It will also provide an internal e-stim to heighten his sensitivity in that region. The silicone rod comes with a broad cap to ensure he enjoys external electrifying sensations, too.

The battery-operated (battery not included) power box that it comes with makes operation quick and easy. It has several buttons that will allow you to turn it on/off. And whenever you want to shift modes, just press a button. On its right side is a knob, which you will rotate to adjust intensity. This user-friendly host will let you enjoy torturing your man with extremely pleasurable tingles inside and outside his precious possession. So, let there be thunder and lightning in his willy!

The plug comes in two diameters. One is 0.20 inch while the other is 0.31 inch. The thicker the plug, the more his urethra will expand. Why not order the set that includes both sizes?

To use, ask your sub to lean against a stack of pillows as he sits with his legs spread. Then, apply water-based lube to the plug to insert it with ease. Take your time pushing it into his pee-hole to avoid tearing his urethral tube. Once it's inside, connect it to the host, then start the fun! The maximum electric shock wave it offers is safe for body use; hence, don't fret about damaging or hurting your man's peen.

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Color/Type Black
Material Silicone
Dimension Length: 3.15 inches (8 cm)
5mm: 0.20 inch
8mm: 0.31 inch

Urethral Dilator Electric Penis Stimulator

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