What's a 360 Degree Sex Swing?

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Sex swings are used by everyone from porn stars to regular couples nowadays, in part because they make the art of sex a little kinkier and risqué, not to mention a lot easier on your joints and muscles.

In fact, even regular sexual positions can be more fun with a sex swing, and it makes formerly impossible positions a lot easier as well. You can even use your sex swing to create positions you never knew existed, because every time you use it you can easily discover something new, creating all-new experiences for you in the bedroom!

When it comes to these swings, you can truly find one for all tastes and preferences, and since so many of them have a device that allows you to spin around in a 360-degree circle, they each offer something truly unique for everyone, regardless of what you were looking for in the first place.

What Is A 360-Degree Sex Swing?

Sex swings always have three main parts, which include the seat, the stirrups, and the straps.

The seat is usually around 20 to 22 inches long and is often padded for extra comfort. In addition, many sex swings include a swivel-type seat that allows you to sit in it and spin around in a 360-degree circle.

Although this may sound odd and even a bit awkward at first, the truth is most couples that try this feature absolutely love it. In fact, when many couples go looking for the perfect sex swing for their sex toy collection, they specifically look for this feature to enjoy.

Once you try out a sex swing that offers a swing-around chair in it, it is likely you’ll never go back to one without this feature!

The way these sex swings are made is actually very simple.

It hangs from either one or two hooks from either the ceiling or a separate stand, and it usually has some type of bar at the top for the user to hold onto.

The seat itself is a swivel-type seat, so it allows you to spin around in a 360-degree circle any time you wish. You may not even plan for this type of activity to happen, but in the throes of passion you may simply start turning around and around, and it won’t take long for you to realize how much you enjoy it!

Keep in mind that sex swings that offer the 360-degree spinning feature are always either hung on the ceiling or on a stand, which is usually purchased separately from the swing itself.

Therefore, if you are shopping for a sex swing and discover one that is installed by being draped over a door, just know that this is not a swing with a swivel-type seat on it, for obvious reasons.

Swings that fit across a door simply cannot spin in a circle because the door gets in the way, which is why only the swings made to connect to a stand or the ceiling will offer this feature.

If you’re concerned about how well these swings work, not to worry. They are all made with only high-quality parts and very strong materials, and this is what keeps the swing working properly for many years to come.

Most of these swings come with straps and seats made of high-quality vinyl, nylon, or leather, so you can count on them to be comfortable, extremely sturdy, and safe for a very long time.

Best of all, when utilizing these swings, you can either sit on the seat or straddle it, because your actions are only limited by your imagination, and it won’t take long for you to be trying things you’ve never tried before!

The 360-degree sex swing is perfect for both newbies and those who have been using swings for years, because this turn-around feature is always one of the most popular when it comes to sex swings.

Another advantage of the swing is the amount of pressure it takes off of your muscles and joints, which makes using it not only a lot more fun, but also a lot easier for users with certain disabilities, such as arthritis or other mobility issues.

Even if your partner is in a wheelchair, you will find all sex swings much more conducive to having a great time in the bedroom, because their sense of defying gravity allows you to try things you never thought possible.

Is A 360-Degree Sex Swing Worth it?

The 360-degree sex swing, according to most of the couples who try it, is definitely worth the purchase.

As a general rule, sex swings are not that expensive, even if you choose one that has a swivel seat. This being the case, it is not a difficult decision to give one of these swings a try, and nearly all of the couples who choose this type of swing never regret their decision.

Once you get on the swing, you can get into one of numerous positions, including some you create on your own, which means that every time you use your swing, it will be a brand-new adventure in ecstasy!

These types of sex swings are also low-maintenance and easy to put together, and they almost always have extra padding in the seat, and often the stirrups and straps as well.

They are made for comfort and flexibility, because the manufacturers take into account some of the many positions you are likely to try once you get your swing set up in your home.

The swings are sturdy and very solid, and they can fit comfortably almost anywhere.

The only recommendation most manufacturers have is to check the weight limit of the brand you’re purchasing, because if you weigh 300 pounds and your swing only holds up to 200 pounds, it can be a very dangerous purchase.

However, this information is easy to find as it’s always listed on the package, so make sure you check that number before making your purchase.

How Much Does A 360-Degree Sex Swing Cost?

Sex swings that have seats which turn in a 360-degree circle are a lot more reasonably priced than you may think.

Most of them can be purchased for under $100, and they start at under $25. They do go up to the $300 range, but you do not have to spend that much just to get a high-quality, long-lasting sex swing.

Again, you do need to read the package descriptions because the swings that are made to fit onto a stand usually do not include the stand as part of the purchase, so buying the stand separately is something you should prepare yourself for.

For those who don’t wish to have a visible, permanent attachment to their ceiling, the stand is your best option, but you have to keep in mind that they are almost always sold separately.

Of course, regardless of what your sex swing costs, it will work just perfectly as long as it is made by a reputable company and sold by a reputable store. You can purchase these swings in sex stores and online, and you’re always guaranteed to get something amazing as long as you purchase it correctly.

360-Degree Sex Swing Reviews

Reading the reviews of various sex swings is crucial, particularly if you want one with a swivel seat that allows you to move around in a circle while you’re enjoying your escapades.

Reviews written by real-life customers allow you to receive both positive and negative comments about the swing, so you can familiarize yourself with all of its pros and cons before you make your purchase.

For the best decision in the end, you should look for reviews that mention several things, including:

  • The sturdiness of the swing.
  • How easy it is to put the swing together.
  • The quality of the parts and materials.
  • The weight limit on each particular swing.
  • The features that are included in the swing.

If you want a swing that comes with a swivel chair and extra straps for a little BDSM activity, you need to research those particular swings.

While each sex swing has certain features in common, there are also extra features found on only some of them, so it is important that you thoroughly read reviews and product descriptions so that you always get what you want in the end.

This is true when purchasing any type of sex swing, but especially if you want one with special features such as the swivel seat, that allows you to spin around in a 360-degree circle.

The 360-degree circle feature is definitely a popular one, and because any reputable company and manufacturer will produce swings you can count on to be around for awhile, the only thing you need to research is who made the product, who is selling the product, and which features are on the product.

Of course, you cannot do too much research, but finding the perfect sex swing in the end starts with a lot of review reading and comprehensive research every time!

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