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For avid do-it-yourself enthusiasts, nothing is impossible to build or make, and this can also include various sex toys such as sex swings!

Believe it or not, people have made their own sex swings and sex furniture before and many of them are easier to build than you might think.

If you’re interested in doing this yourself, the first rule of thumb is to do your due diligence and research the product before attempting to make it.

There are a lot of websites and online videos that can help you through each step of the process so that you can end up with something perfect and the best part is that most of these items can be made with things that you can easily buy or that you already have in your home.

Homemade (DIY) Sex Swings

DIY sex swings don’t have to be complicated to make and even though it is not always possible to make every part of the device, you can at least make most of it with little effort.

The first part that is easy to make is the stand or structure that the sex swing will be attached to and you can make this with any type of hardwood and some nails.

You can easily get complete descriptions and step-by-step instructions from dozens of places on the Internet on how to make a stand for your sex swing but there is also one more suggestion that you can heed.

You can also take an already-made stand or even the swing itself and cover it with a sexy type of fabric such as leopard print, velvet, silk, or even fur. You can also use leather, suede, or even rubber because if any piece of furniture screams “kink”, it’s a sex swing.

If you’re a hippie at heart, do not worry because you can use fake fur or leather if you like instead of the real thing.

Because the straps usually included on a sex swing are very difficult to duplicate, you can try other materials in place of them.

After all, the straps on a sex swing, not to mention the seat and stirrups, are often adjustable and even padded and both of these tasks are a little challenging when you’re making these items yourself.

Some people have used other materials in place of these straps -- including silk, satin, or even fur -- but once again, you have to make sure that the material used is strong enough to handle the weight of two people.

This is much more likely to be a possibility if you use double layers of the material to make your straps; of course, it doesn’t guarantee that the final product will be good enough to support you during your escapades.

Many people have also attempted to make their own sex swings by using a door jamb sex swing (consisting mostly of the seat), a frame pull-up bar, and snap hooks. While these work very well as a sex swing, most of the materials that you’ll be using come included with a ready-to-use sex swing so you may consider it a waste of time in the end.

In fact, many people in these instances end up thinking to themselves, “why didn’t I just go out and buy a sex swing at the store?”, especially when they consider the amount of time and money they put into it.

If you want to get really creative, you can take a small wooden pallet, drill some holes into it, add ropes made out of a soft material, then place a small mattress or cushion on top of the pallet and use it as a swing.

Of course, you’ll want to make sure that every item you use to make your swing is strong enough to hold the weight of two people while still being comfortable and flexible.

This might be your biggest challenge when choosing to make your own sex swing.

Another advantage of making your own sex swing is that you can add anything you want to the final product, which includes bondage rope or tape, handcuffs, and even Velcro to create covers that are easily removable and adjustable.

Most store-bought sex swings do not come with amenities such as these because they often have to be purchased separately from the swing itself.

To sum things up, making your own sex swing, while not impossible, can be quite a challenge for most people

If this is something that you’re interested in doing, you may want to write down the pros and cons of making versus purchasing a sex swing as well as the complete costs of each of these two options.

Unless you simply love working with your hands and creating works of art, you may find that it is more trouble than it’s worth to make your own sex swing.

If this is the conclusion you come to, however, do not worry because great sex swings are easy to find and easy to afford these days!

How Long Does It Take To Make Your Own Sex Swing?

Depending on what you are making your sex swing out of, you can almost always finish the project in a day. Of course, this depends on what type of materials you already have on hand and which ones you end up buying from the store.

If you follow the instructions exactly as they are laid out, you should have no problems building your sex swing in a short amount of time; however, never go too fast or you may end up causing the swing to be a lot less safe in the end.

Remember that every single instruction needs to be followed to a tee because this is the only way to ensure that you’ll have a safe, comfortable swing once the project is complete.

Are DIY Sex Swings Worth The Effort?

For all practical purposes, the answer to this question is “no” according to most experts.

This is because of several reasons but most noticeably because of the safety of the item you’re creating. Remember, sex swings are made by companies that know how to perfect each and every part of the product so you are guaranteed to get a swing that is both comfortable and safe in the end.

When you make a sex swing yourself, you never know how safe or comfortable the product will be, and it is very possible -- even likely -- that you will end up spending a lot of money on the materials needed to make the swing and still not receive a high-quality product when you’re done.

Considering the fact that you can purchase a top-notch sex swing for under $100, it will likely save you both time and money to go ahead and purchase your swing from a company like Cum Swing With Me instead of trying to make it yourself.

Another reason why it may be impractical to make your own sex swing is that it is often difficult to duplicate the shape of the swing. After all, sex swings usually consist of three main parts: the seat, the adjustable straps, and the stirrups, all of which come in specific shapes and designs.

When you’re trying to make a sex swing yourself, this may be difficult to duplicate.

You’ll likely need some type of pattern or instructions in order to make a fully functional swing and if you’re not an experienced seamstress or DIYer, it still may not turn out just right!

The sex swings found on the market have been made by professionals and tested many times for safety, comfort, and functionality so once you purchase them, you can count on them working the way they’re supposed to from then on.

This isn’t to say that it is never worth it to choose a homemade sex swing!

If you love to work with your hands and view a creation that is all your own once the project is finished, it can be worth it to make your own swing. After all, there is a sense of pride attached to a DIY project once it’s completed so if that’s the reason why you’re making your sex swing, go ahead and do so.

However, if you’re choosing this option because you think that it’s going to save you some money, you may want to go ahead and purchase your sex swing instead of making it.

In most cases, it is simply cheaper and less time-consuming to go to a good sex toy store and purchase your sex swing, especially because you are then guaranteed a sturdy, well-made sex swing that is reasonably priced and built to last.

Sex swings are a very popular item nowadays but for those considering making their own, it is wise to consider all aspects of the process so that you can decide for yourself if it is worth it in the end.

Online research can go a long way in helping you make the right decision, especially if you keep in mind that a good sex swing should always be comfortable and safe at all times.

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